Sea Otter visit with Cycleaware

We met the cool people from Cycleaware, they are a company that manufacture and distribute a line of high-quality mirrors, lights and safety products for cyclists. Here are a few of the things that we will be testing on our commutes:

The Viewpoint mirror,

The reflex mirror,

The Heads Up,

The Hot Rod,

and my personal favorite, the stow-away:

Stay tuned for our upcoming reviews of these items!


  1. Rick

    What is the Hot Rod? I’m hoping it’s a light saber for cars that pass too closely.

  2. Brian

    It’s pretty cool — it has 3 red LEDs and 2 white LEDs. I hang mine from by messanger bag but you can also slide it into your handlebar -so when you’re not using it’s hidden. It really glows bright in the dark and is visibile from all angles.

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