Banjo Brothers Market Pannier and the Wald 215 Rack

Recently Banjo Brothers had sent me the Market Pannier to review and at the same time Wald sent me the 215 rack to review.

Here are the specs for the Pannier:
MARKET PANNIER (deluxe grocery bag pannier) – It’s like a deluxe grocery pannier, only it’s so much more. This is a great bag for errands, commuting (drop your briefcase right inside), and visiting your favorite market. The easy-on and off mounting, long handles and a shoulder strap make it convenient to bring inside, and a large cinch-down flap keeps your stuff covered on the road.

* 1250 Cubic inch capacity (sold individually)
* Roughly the size of a paper grocery bag 15″ H x 13″ L x 8″ W
* Heavy-duty 3mm polymer frame on back and bottom to prevent sagging
* Reinforcement panels in all wear areas
* Cinch-down flap keeps load covered and secure
* Side straps adjust support and fold pannier closed when not used
* Inside zipper pocket for keys and cash
* Available March 2007
* MSRP: $44.99

Specs on the rack:

Wald bicycle racks offer a simple rear rack design for easy use. Lightweight yet sturdy construction with simple mounting points located at eyelets near the rear axle and the brake mount. The 215 works perfectly with our innovative 582 rear folding basket.

Available in plated (215) and black powder coat (215BL) finish.

Here are some product shots of the pannier and rack after a weekend of carrying loads for the Sea Otter Classic show in Monterey:

Mounting hardware:

Close ups on how it mounts to the rack:

Cargo capacity: my Crocs, gloves, rain jacket and other junk. The pannier can hold a standard paper bag. But with this pannier, you don’t need a paper bag since it has straps and handles that you can use as a grocery bag — what a great way to go Green.


  1. Smudgemo

    Panniers rule. I highly recommend trying them if anyone is currently using a backpack or messenger bag. Maybe don’t bother if your commute is really short, but I’ll never go back. Let the bike carry the stuff.

  2. wannaCmore

    Re: the panniers- How water resistant are they?

  3. RL Policar (Post author)

    I was hoping to find that out since it normally rains during Sea Otter. But it was a dry weekend. I’ll test it out and report on it on the review.

  4. Jamis_Bater

    I’m diggin’ my TransIt Garment Bag Pannier I bought off Performance (I’ve seen the same bag with a different logo from the other sites). It’s a hanging garment bag that lays over the bike rack.

  5. Elizabeth

    I use the Banjo Brothers Waterproof pannier — it’s similar to the grocery bag here but it has a fully waterproof liner that can be removed if need be to make it more like this grocery bag, plus it doesn’t have as high of a profile when on the bike (it secures the same way). I carry everything in it for my commute and use it when I go grocery shopping,., One advantage of the grocery bag is the additional carrying handles for ease of walking around the store.

  6. Mike Myers

    Why are panniers mostly made of nylon? I love my Carradice panniers, which are cotton duck, but they’re way expensive–too expensive to use on my town bike which is regularly locked to a rack. Where are the hemp or cotton panniers at a reasonable price? Soma makes a bunch of hemp stuff, including a grocery bag pannier, but not a conventional pannier.

  7. Nick Wright

    Mike, I think you answered your own question. Nylon is much cheaper. The last time I looked at hemp fabric, it was something along the lines of $20 a yard.

  8. Lexica

    We had a set of the Banjo Brothers grocery panniers and weren’t pleased with their durability – they started coming apart at the seams not long after we bought them, and we hadn’t been overloading them. They also didn’t stay on the rack well, even after we snugged down the elastic about as tight as it would go. We’re now trying a pair of Axiom double grocery panniers, which seem sturdy but bulky.

    I’m starting to think there is no such thing as the ideal pannier.

  9. Lexica

    Oh, and a thought on “why nylon?” Nylon is much lighter than cotton or hemp canvas, and if it gets wet it doesn’t absorb as much water (and thus get even heavier).

  10. Raiyn

    No dice Lexica, I’d rather have waxed cotton (which is essentially waterproof) over cheaply made Chinese nylon

  11. Mike

    Thanks for the detailed review, it was helpful as I searched for bags. I just picked one of these up from Amazon, my first pannier. Local shops in my area only carried open topped grocery panniers, so this bag seemed unique. I have a topeak explorer and used the snap in topeak trunk for years. I have a different office and commute now, which requires I carry more items. Carrying the topeak trunk with the zip up panniers extended all the time is awkward , so I was looking for something with more capacity. Comments on other forums mentioned the hooks are small and can jump off the rack with a heel strike, which happened to me on my first test ride. My heel brushes lightly on occassion if the bag is centered, but not if I slide it to the back of the rack. I plan to try it out for a while commuting to see how it works. I expect the metal on metal from bag to rack will eventually cause some scratching. The photos of the bag online don’t show the outside pocket, but it came with a small zippered pocket on the inside and another small velcro pocket on the outside, which will be very handy for keys, phone, or anything you want to reach back for on the ride.

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