Lunch gitter and why do they stare?

Every other Friday I have to drive to work; however, I always take a bicycle to take care of errands or to ride to lunch. I like to visit a local sandwich maker (with better tasting subs than Subway) that is about 1/2 mile away from work. Last Friday I took my newly-acquired and already modded Swobo Folsom to the restaurant.

I usually call in my order and the sub is waiting for me when I arrive. What I don’t get is the looks and stares of people eating at the restaurant as I arrive on any of my bikes (not just the Folsom). Their look is priceless, like ‘Did he just get here on a BIKE?, OMG!’. I also get these type of looks when I go to the pharmacy, bagel shop and other establishments.

Is it just Angelenos that are not used to seeing someone (other than the Huffy riding migrants) riding a bike to a place or does this happen to you too?