Deal Days are coming, but we need your input! will initiate a “Deal Day” once a week. Basically this is a day when we post all the deals that we can find online and through a LBS. So with that in mind, we want to know what it is you, the bike commuter are usually shopping for when it comes to bike commuting related items?

I go through lube and tubes like no one’s business. I also like to swap out parts on my bikes, so once cables have been used, I usually end up getting new ones.

But what about you? What kind of bike commuting items do you buy all the time that you would like to save money on?


  1. Clancy

    Tires, Tubes and SHIPPING. The Pricepoint tubes are tempting but then shipping throws out a good deal. Maybe a free shipping day once a month.

  2. Evan

    I like lights and blinky-type things!

    Also…well-designed bags to carry my gear.

  3. jay

    First, GREAT idea.

    Second, I’d like to see deals on clothing–especially commuter-specific and commuting-designed stuff (that is to say, not skin-tight).

  4. Lance

    ALWAYS looking for more/better lights. Reflective stuff and bright jerseys are up there too.

    RL get yourself some wire bead tires and save those tubes! I just got Schwalbe Marathons(700X25) for my 925 and they are SHWEEET!!

  5. RL Policar (Post author)

    I say I go through tubes because once I get a flat, I don’t patch them. But I do save them for other projects such as frame protection, grips on tools and other stuff….my bro and I are planning on making some wallets and bags with old tubes.

  6. Ghost Rider

    I vote for free shipping, even as an occasional special. Clancy’s right: Pricepoint’s regular prices are tough to beat, but shipping kills it.

  7. Iron Man

    I go through tubes, patch kits, and cables, frequently. I tend to go through blinky lights at least once a year because I’m a total clutz. Bar tape, chains, and tires are once a year purchases. Fenders, shoes, bags, clothes, and tools are stuff to save up for.

  8. Erik Hovland

    Tires, tubes, lubes, patch kits, bikes themselves, lights, storage of any type, racks, chains, grips/bar tape, helmets, multi-tools, shoes (especially ones that commuters would wear all day), clothes and bike computers.

  9. Elizabeth

    I say fenders — since those are a must on a commuter, and my new commuter has yet to get fenders… Beyond that — helmets and commuter wear (female specific perhaps, too?) would be great!

  10. joe

    the most bang for your buck would be in the details that would fit many types of bikes and riders. wald baskets, safety equipment/clothing, tools, bags, racks, tires.

  11. r.

    T-9 boeshield lube. It’s awesome, but I’d like to buy it cheaply in the non-aerosol form (not having to buy $100 of the stuff online would be awesome). I’d like to buy a trailer that’s not $400, and read a review on a woman’s Brook saddle.

    In fact, why don’t you guys have more women put their hints and insight into the site? I’ve been meaning to get on y’all about that.

  12. Ghost Rider

    r. — it’s not from lack of trying! When we offer to profile some of our female commuters, they don’t respond or tell me they’ll get back to me, and I don’t hear from them again…

    I know there are women out there who like to ride a bicycle to work — if so, let’s HEAR from you!

  13. Ghost Rider

    Quinn wants:

    Commuter-worthy full-finger gloves
    energy drink
    city tires
    brake pads
    Cleaner (Pedros Green)

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