My NuVinci Video is on Sheldon Brown’s Site

It’s actually a great honor to be featured on the late Sheldon Brown’s site. It’s always a compliment to see your work on other websites and blogs. I knew it was my video since it had our logo on it for I shot it at the 2007 Sea Otter Classic.
Nuvinci hub

Check it out HERE.


  1. Wayne Myer

    So how has the hub performed since you started using it? Any downsides? Any outstanding points (other than the obvious part about being continuously variable)? Worth getting? Worth the weight penalty?

  2. RL

    We’ve since removed the wheel/hub from the original test bike and I plan on installing it on my Xtracycle. The weight isn’t so bad since its centered on the hub…make sense? But I totally love that thing! We’ve yet to have any mechanical issues with it so all in all its been good. I’d recommend it.

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