More BTWD pics!

The LBCyclists want to thank and KHS for helping out our event this year! By all accounts it was a resounding success. I’ve attended a few BTWD events in Long Beach and this had the most traffic of all of them. Granted, it doesn’t hurt it was right smack on a beach bike path 🙂

We brought most of the event materials by bike! Bottles of water, giveaways, muffins and even a table!

We spoke to many community members and beach path users about the joys of bicycling.

We also had great volunteers helping us all day.

We also want to thank PlanetBike for donating Superflash/Blaze combos and Walzcaps for donating a cool assortment of caps to the event! Everyone was really excited about the killer blinky combos and styling cycling caps.


  1. aidan

    I think most soreness is bad ergonomics of the bike, and flat bars are one of the worst culprits. I have thick cork grip on drop bars, a Brooks saddle, but most importantly, a well adjusted bike, so I have few problems. Padded saddles are jst wrong for anything over 3km. It’s not lack of padding that hurts a man, it’s padding putting pressure in the wrong bits. My Brooks is hard, man, but it flexes on the big hits, and pushes nothing into my perineum.

  2. TJ Eckleburg

    Man, that looks like great weather out there in Cali.

    Today is BTWD in NYC, unfortunately it’s 50 degrees and raining.

    I don’t think it’s going to be that successful.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Nothing makes me feel more inferior than looking at Russ’s photography…even casual snapshots turn out beautifully. We’re not worthy of your skills, Russ!

    An Xtracycle AND a trailer? Wow!

  4. Priscilla

    Great pics Russ!

    I am a little bummed today…not one other bike rider on my commute today. 🙁 Lots of traffic on the street though. Hoping the ride home has a better turn out.

  5. Val

    Nice! Here in Seattle, the crew from Aaron’s Bicycle Repair hauled everything to our support booth on bicycles, including a 10′ X 10′ pop up tent, several gallons of coffee, three boxes of bananas, chocolate truffles, tools for a repair station, and more. We had an absolute blast, and in two hours over 600 people rode by the station. The bike powered blender and the coffee smoothies were a big hit, and I fixed one broken spoke, two flats, and various maladjusted brakes and derailleurs. Fun stuff! No pictures yet, but I’ll post the link when it happens. Ride on!

  6. Dominic Dougherty

    In regards to that Xtracycle and trailer…
    I didn’t even feel the weight! But my hitch broke right-off-the-bat so I was getting that “push-pull” feel the whole ride.

    Anybody have ideas on rigging a brake for a trailer?

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