Urban Commuter Expo: Great Music

At this years Urban Commuter Expo, they did some thing totally different from last year, which by the way was super cool…they had live bands playing!

One band that stuck out the most was Fear Mia. Abby Posner and Jesse Clema were on stage playing their great music. Jesse played a wicked violin while Abby strummed her sweet guitar and both shared the vocals. Ever since the expo I’ve been visiting their MySpace Page every chance I can get to play their songs. My favorite so far are Follow Through, Another life and Walken Christopher. If you were to ask me what style of music they play…its a mix of Folk Rock, Bluegrass and Funk.

They’re definitely worth checking out. I guarantee you’ll dig their music as much as I did.

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  1. Moe

    I liked “Very Be Careful” ( Great Vallenato music from a local LA band.

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