Green Tuesday: Path to Freedom and Totally Tubular

There were two ‘Green’ companies at the 2008 Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo that caught our attention. The first one is Totally Tubular.

Like RL mentioned,

They take old tires and tubes and make them into something useful such as wallets, purses and bags. The items they had were priced reasonably well, all ranged from $5 to $20. But I think the bigger bags were a bit more. I asked them if they used those industrial sized sewing machines and they said yes. It took them a long time to get down the process of making bags because they kept breaking needles trying to sew tires and tubes. I also asked how they got rid of the rubber smell…ready for this……washing machine.

The other company is called Path to Freedom. The following is an excerpt of Path to Freedom’s mission statement:

Path to Freedom strives to inspire individuals to “think globally, act locally” by motivating them to live a simpler and more fulfilling life on the path to eco-stewardiship.

The above picture is of a Solar Oven, the Path to Freedom people were cooking up some Pizzas and cookies while we were at the show. I’m looking into buying their environmentally friendly stainless steel water bottle. Check out their site ( for more info.


  1. Steve Furry

    I bought my wife and I bracelets at the expo. In the bay area, a guy sells belts made from old bike tires.
    I plan on get one to match my bracelet.

  2. tad

    I like steel bottles, too. But if you get that one, you might feel like you have a Sigg rip-off. What about

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