Tuesday Deal Day!

Ok BikeCommuters, this is our first installment of Tuesday Deal Days. We wanted to post this up earlier in the week so you can order your stuff now and hopefully get it by the start of your commute for next week.

Based on some of the items you have mentioned, we present to you some killer deals from the web!

Oakley Planet Back Pack. Normally $40, selling for $24.98

Crank Brothers Alloy Pump. Normally $35, selling for 24.98 tubes, set of 5 normally $20, selling for $11.98, the packaging is made of 100% recycled materials.

Jenson USA Sock Guy Socks-Cars are Coffins for $12.98

Aardvark Deluxe Reflective Vest for $18,02

Aztec Vibe Handlebar Pillows
for $24.99

Greenfish Sports
Hutchinson Urban Tour City / Trekking Tire normally $18.00, selling for $11.98

Nashbar Deluxe Rack Trunk
, normally $44.99, selling for $14.99.

Nashbar Waterproof Panniers
, normally $99, selling for $34.99

Nashbar LDT Rack
, normally $29.99, selling for $12.99!

Tahoe Mountain Sports
Kruzer King Wicker Basket selling for $19.95

If you know if any other deals out there, please feel free to post a comment of the item and where it could be found.


  1. Clancy

    Thanks , a little bit to please anyone.

  2. Jayme Lynn

    Those panniers are great, took a set with me on our Oregon trip, they held up nice and kept everything bone dry. The trunk bag is also a great deal, holds a little bit of everything including a few 22’s. =)

  3. Elizabeth

    When’s the next Tuesday deal going to get posted? Any chance we’ll get some helmets in there? Or fenders? 😉

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