Ride of Silence: Fullerton

This was my 3rd and Priscilla’s 2nd year participating at the Ride of Silence. We wanted to do something different and that was to bring the kids along with us. So I got our KHS Tandemania and our Trailer Bike and loaded up my daughters. Priscilla rode the Xtracycle with my eldest as her passenger.

We got to the ride a bit late and unfortunately the group had just left…yeah total bummer. Well not really cuz loyal reader and friend, Arnie was there to join us.

As we started on the same course we did last year, we tried desperately to catch up to the group but to no avail we couldn’t find them. We eventually picked up a few other riders on the way. Here’s my girls and I waiting for Priscilla and Arnie. We made it through the light but they got stuck.

So here’s Priscilla, Alyssa, A guy we found(sorry I forgot your name), and Arnie.

After we got back to where we started from, we saw a small group of riders who had just finished the ride. I figured I should take a group photo for kicks…

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  1. Elizabeth

    The Chicago ride went well — the highest turnout of the four years we’ve been hosting the ride.
    Cyclists killed in Chicago remembered with ghost bikes:

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