Fixed Gear Friday: KHS Flite 100 Update

I’ve gathered a few observations from riding the KHS Flite 100 to/from work. But first, here are a few tidbits about my commute: I ride 21 miles round trip from Whittier, CA to Downey CA. 2 miles of my commute are on the San Gabriel River Trail, the rest is on the mean streets of LA. I’ve been riding the Flite 100 fixed gear style, my demo bike didn’t come with a freewheel.

The Good: The KHS Flite 100 is a nice looking, well made bike; the bike received a lot of positive comments at the Urban Bike Commuter Expo. The 520 Reynolds steel frame is light and smooth. The handling is quick and precise, the single front brake is more than sufficient to stop the bike (with the assistance of your ‘leg brakes’). The 48X16 gearing is adequate for my flat commute, it does take a little to get up to speed but when you are rolling, the pedaling momentum of riding a fixed gear bike is quite a joy.

The Bad:Not every bike is perfect, and I do have a some personal issues with the Flite 100. The first one is the lack of water bottle bosses, yeah this bike is directed to Track riders/Messengers, but for us who ride longer commutes, we need to hydrate.

The San Marco Ponza Lux saddle has this weird hump in the middle, that causes my ‘nads to go numb. I’m going to do some minor adjustments, but I’m thinking of switching it altogether.

Lastly, the KHS Flite 100 comes with 150 psi tires. They may be great for the smooth surface of a track, but for everyday street riding, they are harsh.

That’s it for now, the full review will be up in about a month.


  1. Gavin

    You could run the tyres at a lower pressure ….

  2. Moe (Post author)

    I do, I have them at 100 PSI.

  3. Mike Myers

    What’s the clearance like, Moe? Could you squeeze some 28s under there?

  4. shishi

    Water bottle bosses are nice for a bike they know is going to be on the street more than at the track.

  5. Tim

    Hey, my commute is from El Monte to Bellflower! Only done sparingly on bike, as it takes me 1.5 hrs. I love the river trail…do you happen to have any advice?

  6. Moe (Post author)

    Yeah, don’t ride the River Trail at night, you may come back without a bike.

  7. PushingWind

    How about a comparison between the Flite 100 and a Redline 925, or similar setups. My commute may be shortening from 17+miles to 4. Just thinking about possibly replacing my Redline Conquest 1×9 commuter with something less mechanical.

  8. Moe

    I’ve ridden RL’s Redline to work. The bikes are very different in the way they handle and also on how commuter friendly they are. For example, the 9-2-5 has enough clearance for fenders and bigger tires, it also comes with 2 sets of water bottle bosses. The Flite 100 is more track oriented, fast, responsive and stiffer. For your 4 mile commute it would be a toss up, I would recommend for you to test ride both bikes and see what fits you best.

  9. Chuck

    I just got the Flite 100 a little over two weeks ago, and am very impressed by the bike’s performance. For the price, the components are generally speaking quite good. I have replaced the seat, and the pedals are likely to be changed out for clipless Speedplay Frogs. I am disappointed in the stock pedals because the toe clips are a soft plastic that bends and twists when you are trying to get in and out of them. Also, the pedal body flexes way too much while I am pedaling.
    However, considering the initial low cost of the Flite 100, and if you are willing to do some minimal upgrading, this is one great buy.
    On the road the bike is a pleasure to ride. It has the classic feel of a steel frame, and you don’t feel any fatigue when riding over moderately rough city streets. Yet, the bike frame remains sufficiently stiff when you put the power on., and the handling is quick and responsive.

    Having looked at a number of bikes at this price point, my recommendation is to buy the Flite 100, and personalize the bike to suit your needs.

  10. Vitorio

    Hi! I’ve bought a Flite 100 for track trainings. I choose it because it’s not only track bike, but it is also a commuter bike. But, in the tracks, despite its good performance, it is considered to be a ‘first bicycle in track’. As I have new comments on the bike, I will post here.
    Vitorio (Brazil)

  11. Akos

    I replaced the wheels in the Flite 100 with a set of Mavic (from eBay) and it is a tremendous impovement in riding quality.

    Do you know if the stem is 1″ or 1 1/8″?


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