Adventures around town

RL and I have been trying to use our cars as little as possible. I have been commuting to work and taking my kids to and from school on bike. This weekend we wanted to see how a longer commute would work out for our grocery shopping. With a family of five to feed this is no easy task. We also live in a community of huge hills and a really fast highway on the way to the local Traders Jo’s. But I love to ride my bike so we decided to give it a go!

RL loaded up his Xtracycle with a trailer attached and I couldn’t resist a ride on my new beach cruiser. πŸ™‚

My youngest daughter also wanted to join which was no problem with the Xtracycle. We also made sure to bring a small cooler for our frozen and refrigerated items. And of course we remembered to bring our sack cloths and brown bags!

My biggest concern was the huge hills and highway traffic. But we found another route that made it all the more enjoyable. There were two parks we could ride through that kept us off the fast highway, and some nice quiet neighborhoods with the biggest bike lanes you’ve ever seen!!! The round trip is about 7miles. And it was a beautiful ride. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then a ride on my beach cruiser. πŸ™‚

The grocery shopping was quick, but expensive!!! I don’t know what it is about bringing some of the family along for the grocery shopping but I seemed to have more items in my cart then usual. All our items fit perfectly into the trailer though.

The ride home was a piece of cake for me. RL on the other hand, well lets just say he got in a great work out for the day. Hehehe. I had such a good time I suggested we make this a regular family outing. We had great conversations to and from the store, a great work out, saved some gas money, and some great bonding time with our youngest daughter.


  1. Dr. Mac

    I’ve been working on this very thing with my family for months. Well, okay…mainly my wife! My two kids are up for the challenge and excitement of commuting via bicycle. However, my wife will take more prodding.

    Keep up the great post and I’ll slip the RSS into her e-mail account for constant encouragement! πŸ™‚

  2. RL

    Dr. Mac,

    Have you tried taking her out on a date by bike? That’s a great way to start getting her into bikes…make it rewarding for her.


  3. 2whls3spds

    I will have to get someone to take a picture of us going to and from the grocery store. Last week we did it on our new to us tandem…helped keep the grocery bill down too πŸ˜‰ due to lack of capacity. LOL

    Glad to see it worked out for you. We are pretty fortunate that the store we shop at is only about 1.5 miles away.


  4. Ghost Rider

    Priscilla, you should look into some sort of load-hauling deal for your cruiser (floral Basil panniers or something) to share some of the weight. That’s not fair for RL, otherwise πŸ˜‰

  5. joel

    Glad you made the run. Like my fellow 3-speed rider, I have a store pretty close (about a mile with a 150ft climb going home) and since it’s just me the groceries usually fit without trouble into the folding baskets on my commuter. However, I really hope that the 3rd and 4th pics, with the Xtra blocking the entire bike rack, wasn’t the way you parked the bikes.

  6. RL


    I actually tried to install the Xtracycle on her Electra, but the rear spacing was too narrow for her dropouts and hub.

    Joel, we did park it the way we did. Reason being, its very RARE for anyone to ride their bikes to that store.Besides we were only in there no more than 20 mins.

  7. LeMyke

    Did you have to take up the entire bike rack so you could lock the trailer to it?

  8. Priscilla

    No the trailer was not locked up to the rack. The trailer was actually sitting out next to the xtracycle and blocking the walk way originally. So we just scooted it over to where you see it in the pictures. The trailer could have been easily scooted over if a biker wanted to lock up his bike there.

  9. Priscilla

    let me correct my comment before someone goes all crazy on me….”if a biker wanted to lock up his or HER bicycle there.”

  10. 2whls3spds

    Derek Pearson has done several Electas with an Xtracycle. Maybe hit him up for some advice?


  11. Ben C

    I don’t see the beer or the Schmirnoff’s!!!

  12. RL


    I actually did. He gave me some tips about compressing the Xtra dropouts to fit the rear wheel, I wasn’t too comfy with it even though he said that he’s never had any issues after doing so on 6 Electras.

  13. derek

    Good family fun. Bummer to hear about not going ahead with the xtra though. My wife was looking forward to seeing that πŸ™‚

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