Happy Memorial Day

On behalf of all the staff of and We’d like to say thank you for the men and women that have sacrificed their lives in order to protect our freedom.

Thank you.


  1. Aidan

    “Sacrificed their lives in order to protect our freedom”; are you kidding me? Protect Haliburton’s freedom, more like. And even if they had protected yours, good thing you’re not Iraqi, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Nicaraguan, Chilean… Learn some bloody history, Americans.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Aidan, I’m going to pretend I didn’t just read that. This is neither the website nor the time to open that whole can of worms.

  3. Ben C

    I believe that whether or not we support the wars that have occured or that are occuring now, we can still appreciate the sacrifice of each soldier and their families.

    Just like we may not like what our children do at times, we still welcome them with open arms and say those 3 wonderful words, I Love you.

    Thank you to all soldiers and families of soldiers and soldiers. I appreciate you serving and sacrificing.

    Ben C.

  4. Aidan

    I support soldiers on both sides, and the best way to do that is to bring yours home alive, and now.

  5. RL Policar (Post author)

    hmm interesting Aidan, or James..what ever your name is. For a guy that lives in Toronto, you seem to have so many opinions about America.

  6. Johnny got his gun

    I would like to refer Aidan to the top posting in this link

    You fall into that category.

  7. Aidan

    That’s fine. Stick your heads in the sand about what you do to the world to secure it’s resources. Make it easy for your government. Damn, at least during Vietnam there was a certain level of effective opposition so that the world could respect the American people, even if it hated it’s representatives. Guess you’re all of a package now.

    The fallacy that you support troops by supporting the war they’re in puts the blood of innocents on your hands and theirs, but I guess it doesn’t matter if they’re brown, speak English funny, live far away and live above your oil.

  8. Iron Man

    I personally know a healthy and prosperous Vietnamese family in my community that is grateful for the sacrifice of American soldiers that gave them their freedom back in the Vietnam War. Their extended family that was left behind has suffered greatly in the past 25 years due to the hands of those poor misunderstood communists.

    I also have an Iraqi uncle who is grateful for the sacrifice of soldiers from the first and current Gulf Wars that have given their lives in the aid of his former nation. Brothers and sisters of his suffered under Saddam and his Republican guard.

    Honoring our soldiers on Memorial Day does not mean we declare all things just and good, but it does mean that we honor our fallen soldiers that gave up their lives in our defense. I don’t think this is the proper forum for Aidan’s rant, nor is it the place for my reply. But I felt it necessary to at least counter Aidan’s “douching” of the topic with my first hand knowledge of what good our soldiers have done to those he claims only suffered by our hands.

  9. Ghost Rider

    Thanks, Iron Man…you put it into perspective for us in a far more eloquent way than I ever could have.

    I’m still mystified as to how those 20 little words at the top of this article mean we’re all huge supporters of BushCo. and his global warmongering. Apparently, Aidan can read things that are invisible to the rest of us.

    And, Aidan, I need to add this: since you missed my gentle warning after your first comment, know this — if you want to continue to act like a dick, you can take it somewhere else.

  10. db

    Yep, a shout-out to our veterans and their families. Thank you.

  11. ragged claws

    If has any necessary politics, it’s about bicycle advocacy–advocating for community reform that makes bicycling safer for us and more thinkable for others. After that, there seems to be an ecological or environmental ethic that many of us share (but even that gets tricky). At least that is the way I have come to see things here over the few months that I have been a reader and participant in the discussions. After that, there are probably few things that many of us would agree on. I don’t agree, for example, that the wars in Vietnam or Iraq had anything to do with protecting our democratic freedoms, but god help us all if this site becomes a place to debate that. I don’t need to agree with other people here about everything, and I am convinced that this not the a forum in which productive discussion can happen beyond the narrowly defined borders of our agreed upon interests in bicycle commuting and how cool bikes are. The result is likely to be people cleverly referring to each other as “douche bag.” All of this is by way of asking Aiden and others to focus on why we all utilize this site–which I have come to depend on as a bike commuter– and to find an alternative and more appropriate place to engage in political debates that exceed the somewhat narrow but valuable field of politics that this site is invested in: a location where there is a context and the possibility of something other than the kind of “drive-by-shooting” arguments that tend to happen on blogs.

  12. Iron Man

    I’ve personally enjoyed the diversity of thought that comes through on this site. We bikers tend to get lumped/stereotyped into one category by the non-cycling population. There are so many assumptions made about me by my coworkers that are just downright hilarious. I’d bet that we all have similar stories simply because we ride a bike to work. It’s been refreshing to get small glimpses into the diversity of thought, careers, and philosophies represented by the moderators and various readers thoughts here.

    Aidan erred in choosing to give us the “full monty” instead of a glimpse into his thoughts.

  13. Moe

    Gentlemen, we at BikeCommuters are very open minded and we dislike banning or censoring comments. However, this discussion is out of the scope of our site. Please note that comments will no longer be allowed on this post.


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