Day6 Bicycles Dream First Impressions

We recently took delivery of the Day6 Bicycle 21speed Dream to review.
day6 bicycles

I was able to ride the Day6 in between my mountain biking adventures
this past weekend.

Here are some specs:

Frame Aluminum 6061
Fork Cr-Mo
Stem Alloy
Head Set Neco/Alloy
Crank Pro Wheel/Alloy
Tire Front/Rear Kenda Komfort 26 x 1.95
Rim Double wall, CNC sidewall, Alloy
Casette Shimano
Derailleur Front/Rear Shimano Altus 21 speed
Shifter Sram MRX Comp+
Freewheel Shimano
V-Brake Front/Rear ProMax/Alloy
Seat Velo 11″
Seat Day 6 Custom Injection Molded – 17″
Back Day 6 Custom Injection Molded – with lumbar and integrated travel pack
Weight Approximate 35 34
Wheel Base 51″
Weight Limit 250 pounds
Rider Size 5’4″ – 6’3″ Approximate
Rider Size 4’8″ – 5’7″ Approximate
Colors Cobalt Blue, Metallic Burgundy
MSRP $729

The Dream demo bike we have came with a very comfy SL seat/backrest combo.

The dream was able to accommodate a wee little lad like me, standing at a towering 5’7″ and all the way down to my 10 year old daughter who is right at my shoulders. The back rest is set up on a fully adjustable boom, which allows the rider to cater it to their needs and comfort level.

One of the neat things about the Dream was this built in storage compartment in the backrest. It’s big enough to fit your lock, bag, purse, some food and of course a patch kit. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m sure my Chihuahua could fit in there!

A great upgradeable option for this bike is the ability to take on disc brakes. The frame has reinforced gussets to help improve with strength and long term durability.

Through out the weekend I rode the Dream around and its very comfy. I thought that the longer wheel base and angled fork would have make it weird to ride, but to my surprise it rode much like a regular bike. I really enjoyed the plush seat and back rest. I have to admit, its not everyday that I get to ride a recumbent so starting off the first few times can be a bit tricky. But I’m a smart cookie, so I quickly learned that I have to do more steering with my hips than the bars. In mountain biking there’s a simple rule you have to follow, anything below 8mph, you use the handle bars to steer. Anything over 8mph, you use your weight, same applies to the Day6.

What’s great about the Day6 is that you’re in this relaxed riding position, so there is no pressure on your hands or shoulders. When climbing a hill, I found that it to be easy, all I had to do was drop to an easy gear, push back against the seat/back rest and let the bike do its thing.

The last recumbent I rode was a Sun EZ. That bike was pretty scary going down hills and hitting speeds over 30mph. But the the Dream was stable all through out the ride, even over 30mph.

We’ll be testing the Day6 Dream in the next few weeks and stick around, we’re going to do something super exciting with this bike…Our friend Torger Sikveland, Sales Director of Day6 Bicycles has given us the OK to raffle this bike away. That’s right, after we’ve done our formal review, you can own this very bike! Sweet eh? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to take good care of it so when the day comes that we have to ship it out to you, the bike will be in great shape. So make sure you come back for the review, but for more information about the Day6 Dream, just visit their website!

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