GWBR 2008

A few Long Beach Cyclists and I made the long commute up to Paso Robles this weekend for the Great Western Bike Rally. The GWBR is an annual event where thousands of people gather to ride back country roads and share the bike love. It has been described as a great Church picnic where the religion is the bicycle.

For Laura and I, half the fun was getting there! She loaded up her trusty commuter/touring bike, a Specialized Sirrus and I loaded up my Bilenky for its first bike tour. Here are some pics from the trip.

Laura likes to fly up hills!

I can get up a few hills myself…even with a loaded Bilenky cargo bike!

Taking a break at the summit to snap a few pics. It was a scene out of the Wizard of Oz with a bright blue sky and an endless field of yellow flowers.

The sign that every cyclists dreams of after a long climb!

Riding through some vineyards.

Water break at Morro Bay.

Made a friend at GWBR who rode back with us to SLO.

He was a fellow orange aficionado (Note orange IBEX jersey and orange Arkel panniers).

We rode and traveled hundreds of miles without once driving a car!