The impact of a bicycle…a day dreamer’s rant

I was day dreaming the other day…thinking about how Americans are getting on their bikes more and leaving the car behind. With gas prices getting higher everyday, people are getting fed up and finding that bike commuting isn’t such a bad thing. In fact bike commuting has had a positive impact on everything and because of it, cost of living is starting to go down. Eventually gas prices would start to get lower and lower, cost of food is so cheap that people can afford quality organic foods. Streets would be filled with bicyclists and that the Hummer H1, H2 as well as other big SUV’s have become so undesired that their resale values are so low…they eventually become like the YUGO of the late 80’s.

Another positive impact that bicycles would have on people would be their health. Obesity levels would drop in numbers much like the waist lines, people are happier, treating depression would be a simple prescription of a 10 mile bike ride.

Ah…to dream. I know that everyone of us here are making an impact as small or as grand with our bikes. I would like to thank all of our readers who are out there everyday making a difference in our society. Think about it, you make a difference EVERY DAY. Anytime you get on your bike, you make an impact in your neighborhoods, work, and the traffic around you. Not to mention that you’re not causing any pollution.

So many people will spend countless hours volunteering in organizations or donating tons of cash just so they “can make a difference.” But little do people realize, all that could be achieved with a bicycle…

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