Peace Coffee: Columbian Heavy Pedal Roast Review

This week we reviewed the Columbian Heavy Pedal Roast from Peace Coffee.

Peace Coffee has placed a clever WARNING LABEL on the package of their coffee…

Here’s are the “specs”

Bike delivering a trailer full of beans. True java to go. Bold flavor and fuel for the uphill. Sweetness on the way down. Rapid.

Roast Level: Medium Dark
Acidity: Medium – Winey
Body: Heavy
Aroma: Complex
Flavor Notes: Dark chocolate and raspberries. Clean finish.

Farmer Cooperative: Fondo Paez

The Columbian Heavy Pedal Roast is a medium roast. Just think of it as notch up from the Birchwood Blend that we reviewed.

The beans grounded to a nice darker earthy tone. The aroma that hits your nose is very pleasant. The medium roast has that coffee scent everyone is familiar with, but it doesn’t have a burnt like smell that some Starbucks beans can have

Just like the Birchwood Blend, we used the French Press to make the coffee. Again I first tested the flavor just plain black.

The Columbian Heavy Pedal Roast is a great medium blend coffee. This would be perfect for the rider that likes coffee but not strong like espresso. So its a great in between blend for those that “like it just right.” Acidity level is very low, I measure by seeing if I get a stomach ache and the runs after having a cup. As far as the flavors, Peace describes it as “dark chocolate and raspberries.” I’d have to agree, it was a bit hard to figure out at first, but as I had my second cup, I could definitely taste a dark chocolatey flavor. Just think of a smooth dark chocolate bar that’s been made into a drink. I couldn’t pickup the raspberry flavor, but there’s an obvious twinge of sweetness that hits your taste buds. Actually it doesn’t really it hit, it kinda just flirts with it, as it goes smoothly down your throat.

Peace Coffee describes the Columbian as “Bold flavor and fuel for the uphill. Sweetness on the way down. Rapid.” The coffee does provide a good pick me up, to help you in your morning rides. I say get some of this coffee, have it before you get on your bike in the morning and about 15 minutes before your ride in the afternoon. You basically get the same benefits of an energy drink, but no sugar, carbonation and it doesn’t cost you over $2.00 per serving. Again, a 1lb bag of this Peace Coffee is only $9.99. That should last you at least week or two.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Now that’s some good looking coffee…nice color to the beans and grounds (not too light, not too dark…just perfect).

    I don’t know about the “no sugar” part, though. Although I’ve been known to drink black coffee from time to time, I like to put enough sugar in mine until the spoon stands up straight (who can name that movie reference?).

  2. RL Policar

    Don’t get me wrong Jack, I normally drink my coffee with some half and half and 2 packets of equal. But to get the real flavor of the coffee, I felt that it was important that I didn’t have anything hindering the experience.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Oh, I understand…and good of you to “take one for the team” to get to the true flavor of that coffee.

    Half and half is such good stuff — we go through almost a gallon a week here at “Chez Ghost Rider”.

  4. Moe

    I always drink ‘straight’ black coffee, no sugar, no creamer, nothing like that. You can really appreciate the flavor of a good coffee drinking it this way.

  5. Cornfed Jay

    Black coffee is the only way to go. Coffee with creamer and sugar is the froo froo stuff for the ladies….and the guys that shave their legs.

  6. RL

    Jay…man I haven’t seen your name around here in a while…

    Just to let you know, I haven’t shaved my legs in over a year…
    Here’s some proof…

    I’m actually considering shaving them off again…they just look nasty with hair on them…

  7. Ghost Rider

    Jay, I guess it depends on where you grow up or something. While it’s true that black coffee is the best way to taste all the subtle flavors of a particular bean, adding some delicious calories makes it sit better in my stomach.

    I was raised on espresso and high-octane iced coffee, courtesy of my great-grandparents (coffee, espresso, brown AND white sugar and heavy cream)… but all my truly formative coffee years come from New Orleans: cafe’ au lait and here in Cuban-rich west-central Florida: cafe’ con leche. I’d like to see you tell a dyed-in-the-wool Cajun that he’s drinking a “sissy drink”…he’ll likely use you for crawfish bait!!

  8. Cornfed Jay

    RL – Hmmm…yeah, kinda nasty lookin’, but then again I’ve never taken much pleasure in looking at legs of other men! yup..been awhile since I sent a comment. I’ve been lurking, checking in occasionally. Since moving way the heck up north Michigan I’ve been working out of my home, so not much of a commute to work. I’ve decided now that the weather is decent I’m going to start riding to more of my client meetings. The hard part is having to show up in a suit and tie to meet with a business exec and not being all nasty sweaty. Although bike commuting is much more accepted here than in northern IN. I’m open to any tips you have…

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