Chicago’s “Bike the Drive”

For the past seven years, the City of Chicago and the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation have teamed up to put on their “Bike the Drive” fundraiser ride, which takes place on the scenic and historic Lake Shore Drive along the edge of Lake Michigan. Money raised goes to supporting the incredible bicycle advocacy efforts of the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation. And, this money must be going to good use, because Chicago is quickly becoming one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the U.S.!

Sears Tower
Sears Tower in the distance

Our friend Elizabeth Adamczyk was there this year (on Memorial Day weekend) to take photos and to share a little bit of the ride. She said it was a beautiful sunny day — perfect for a ride along this route!

Elizabeth poses for the camera

She even managed to catch some Footbikers!


One year soon I hope to make my way up to Chicago to take part in this ride — it sounds and looks like a blast, and we’d like to thank Elizabeth for forwarding these photos to share.


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