Green Tuesday: A Simple update

I had my Simple Shoes Eco S for almost a month, so how have they held up to my use (and some abuse)?

Since I mostly ride with clipless pedals, the Simple EcoS shoes see mostly errand or cruising duties. Since I can’t wear sneakers at work (except for casual Fridays), I wear the shoes when I get home and during the weekends.

The Good: The shoes survived a downpour when I was caught in an unexpected storm, there was no damage or shrinkage. I also used the shoes on a Sea World visit; that meant 12 hours of walking. My feet were tired from walking but the shoes were very comfortable. While riding on platform pedals, the rubber soles (made from recycled tires) grip the pedals very good; there was no slippage.

The Bad:The only bad thing that I found about the shoes is that since I do so much stuff with them, the beige portion of the shoes has become somewhat ugly due to the dirt.

I think that the Simple Shoes would make a great Father’s day present, I’ve already asked for my next pair:

so make sure you put them on your list!

For more info or to buy a pair (free shipping on some shoes!) visit


  1. Jami

    I bought a pair of Simple Shoes flip flops two years ago, and I LOVE them! They are finally starting to wear down, but I will wear them until they fall apart. The canvas breaks in so they are perfect for my feet.

    As for cleaning them, I have tried a couple methods, as favorite shoes do have a tendency to get grungy after a while. The washing method works okay, but my preferred method is the pressure washer!

    I was pressure washing my driveway the other day, to get my ex-cars oil stains up off the concrete. I was wearing my flip flops, and thought I would try it. Got them to look like new on top! Because they are canvas, and I was careful not to get the nozzle too close and spray the fabric completely off, they held up wonderfully, and came away 10 shades brighter!

    Glad you love your sneaks; I can’t wait to have an excuse to buy another pair of Simple Shoes.

  2. Steve Furry

    Moe, you live in LA right? Did you buy your Ecos online or at a store? When it comes to shoes, I like to try them before buying them.

  3. Moe (Post author)

    Steve, Simple Shoes sent us a pair for us to test. All we did is give them my shoe size. Like I mentioned on my first post, if you like the feel of Vans, you will like the Simple Shoes EcoS.

  4. Vince

    Moe, how have those eco shoes held up? Have you found a good way to clean them? I’ve been thinking about buying these shoes for a while so thanks for the review.

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