Deal Days: Helmets, Fenders and Stuff

Here’s your deals for this week!

Nathan Cycle/Helmet Reflective Stick-ons $5.98

Bell Furio Helmet $44.98 normally $65.00

Sette Slik Fender Set $14.98, MSRP $50.00

From Nashbar
Bell Solar Helmet $19.95

Halt Dog Repellent $5.49

Planet Bike Freddy Fenders
$29.95, normally $34.99

From Performance
Bell Alchera Euro Road Helmet $34.99, normally $84.99

Transit Grocery Bag Pannier $24.99 normally $49.99


  1. Zak

    I have that bell solar myself. I also have a Huge Head. It fits me great. For $20.00 you cant beat it.
    Got mine at performance.

  2. Dominic Dougherty

    Why is it that in every TV show, movie and photo of groceries, there is a friggin baguette sticking out of a paper bag?! What the hell? I can’t remember the last time I bought a baguette… and whenever it was, I am most certain it was in a bag of its own, not just some loaf shoved in with everything else.

    Anyways, those grocery getter bags rock! I have 4 of them.

  3. Wayne Myer

    I bought a baguette yesterday. It’s a versatile bread that provides a lot of uses, depending on the angle at which it is sliced. And it was indeed in its own bag, albeit an open paper bag.

    Seconded on the Bell Solar; it is a great helmet. I also have a large head. Giro Atmos and Animas, and plenty of other overpriced helmets, did not fit well. The Solar is a perfect fit. Granted, helmet fit is a very personal thing, but if you’re having trouble finding a good fit, try out the $20 helmet.

  4. tad

    In addition to the baguette, there is always some huge pile of greens hanging out, too. Who fills their bags that high anyway.

  5. Iron Man

    As one who works in advertising it’s hard to get “normal” groceries to show in a bag. Most of the stuff you normally buy doesn’t come out the top of the shopping bag. So for the photo shoot you buy things that pop out to create a more pleasing image. Plus you don’t have to mess with the hassle of showing a trademarked product and hacking off the company.

    Dog spray is a must in my neck of the woods. Not so much on the commute, but on the fitness rides in the countryside. Although one dog I encounter is undeterred by pepper spray. Next step is something with a little more firepower.

  6. db

    I have the Freddy Fenders on my commuter bike. Really, really like them. They are worth it at regular price.

  7. shishi

    Glad I don’t need anything, but thanks for posting all those deals.

  8. Palm Beach Bike Tours

    Celery is another item you’ll often see sticking out of a grocery bag in the visial medias. The reasons are exactly as Iron Man stated: it pops up above the bag top and you don’t have to worry about a brand muddying your message.

    As for baguettes: yummy.

  9. Mike Myers

    I had Halt for a while, but it’s not that effective on people. I now carry cop strength pepper spray, and I know that will work on 2 and 4 legged predators.

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