Interesting Op-ed Piece — No Compliments for Bicycles?

A couple folks sent me the following opinion piece from the Christian Science Monitor (thanks Elizabeth and Jefro!)…basically, the author laments the fact that everyone is quick to compliment folks on their choice of vehicle when they roll up in a hybrid, but no one ever compliments someone who is totally car-free and chooses a bicycle as transportation.

This short but well-written editorial ties in beautifully with our article last week about “hybrids as fashion statements”. Check out the full CS Monitor article by clicking here, and tell us what you think: have you ever been complemented on your wise choice of pollution-free transportation?


  1. Paul

    The only compliment I’ve gotten for my bike is while washing it outside my apartment, my neighbor asked me if it was new and that it was a pretty color (forest green). All I could muster in reply was that if I keep watering it (I used a plant watering can) maybe it would grow up to be a car!

  2. Iron Man

    I get compliments, but more from a “Good for you, but I could never do that” angle.

  3. Ghost Rider

    People compliment me on my bikes…but those compliments always come from fellow cyclists. I think folks are coming around, though, and more and more citizens will appreciate our “wisdom” as gas prices climb.

  4. Moe

    People are starting to finally understand two of the reasons I ride to work. Co-workers have started to ask me how is it that I manage to clean up, bring my stuff to work and how much money I save in gas. They have also noticed how much weight I’ve lost and I tell them that riding a bike to work keeps me in ‘decent’ physical shape. I think that the ‘Velorution’ will reach those who never considered riding a bike to work, and in a way, we are the people who can help make it happen.

  5. Mike Myers

    I don’t really get compliments, either. Well, I get “I can’t believe you ride so far.”, but that’s it. When I go shopping I’ve been asked if I have a DUI.

  6. danielo

    I don’t get complimented, but I’ve always thought I should! In fact, I’ve decided to make t-shirts to accept the thanks I should be getting:

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