Day6 Bicycles: Dream Update

It’s been a few weeks since my first mention of the Day6 Bicycles, Dream. I’m quickly starting to fall in love with this bike. Not only is it a great comfy ride, but the bike it self gets plenty of attention while I’m on the road, I figure, the more people checking out the bike, the better…why? It means they are seeing me.

Just because the Dream has a recumbent look and feel, it doesn’t mean that its not practical for daily riding or using for errands. Just today I spent the afternoon with my kids riding bikes and we even went out to get some ice cream.

The Dream has been pretty durable considering that it has been able to handle the abuse I’ve been giving it. Yah, you can easily bunny hop this bike…
day6 bicycles

Just look at the beefy tubing that this bike is built with…that speaks longevity to me.

One of the fun factors about this bike is that you can really lean into the turns. All I had to do was use my hips and the bike followed.

I was basically riding on the sidewall of the tires…

Even my 12 year old has been enjoying the Dream.

Another great feature that I mentioned last time was the built in bag/pannier that the Dream comes with. You can pretty much see it in this photo, but I kept my camera, keys, wallet and bike lock in it the whole time.

Remember once we’re done with this review, you do have a chance to own it. We’ll provide more details as time nears on how you can own this particular Day6 Bicycles Dream.
day6 bicycles


  1. Beka

    Are you testing the large or medium frame size for the dream bike?

  2. Elizabeth

    Cool bike… what size for a woman of about 5’5″?

  3. RL Policar

    I think they sent us the medium.

    Elizabeth, I’m about 5’7″ and my daughter is about 5′, and she was able to ride it.

  4. RL Policar

    From Torger of Day6, “Quick answer, under 5’6 medium frame, over 5’6β€? large frame”

  5. tad

    I like the idea of a “not-quite-recumbent” and that’s what I think when I see this bike. I would like to recommend it to my wife but I’m afraid she won’t like how Day6 seems to be marketing to older folks (see their website).
    I was also pleasantly surprised about the cost of this bike.

  6. tad

    btw, RL, is there enough room for fenders and a rear rack?

  7. RL


    I was just thinking of that, not so sure to be honest. I’ll have to check and see. I’ll also ask Day6 if its possible.

    PS, I’ll let them know too about the “marketing”


  8. tad

    I was just poking around their website. In their accessories section they list one set of fenders and a rack, so it’s clear to me that these add ons will work. Not so clear is if the offered items are specially sized for Day6 cycles, or if a standard set of fenders and rack will work.

  9. RL


    Day6 does sell that rack system. They’re working on more rack options and hope to introduce it in the future. The fenders they sell are the SKS beavertail.

  10. derek

    Looks comfy and very similar to electras ghostrider in sitting position, just not as much style πŸ™‚

  11. Mike Myers

    Interesting bike. It definitely looks like it would be fun to ride. Lacks style, though. Kinda grandpa.

  12. Kelly

    I’m getting the Journey, the 7-gear one. Tomorrow. I can’t wait. My hubby is getting the Dream at the same time.

    Yes, they look kinda “grandpa” but they are sooo comfortable and have gotten this almost 45-year-old overweight woman onto a bike for the first time in many years. Too many.

    I like how you sit upright and can put your feet on the ground at any time, without leaning the bike over or getting off the seat. I just feel more secure and less likely to fall over. Plus, it’s kinda cool looking, in an odd, grandpa sort of way.

    So if you see two chubby people on these bikes tomorrow, that may be us, wave and say hi!

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