Qstarz BT-Q1000 GPS travel recorder

I love gadgets, that’s one of the reasons I like to call myself a Bike Geek. When I read the Qstarz press release, I was curious about this device, so they sent us one for me to ride with.

The BT-Q1000 GPS recorder is small and sensitive enough to put inside of a jersey pocket, panniers or a backpack. It comes with 2 PC programs that lets you download the data from the recorder and map it, analyze it or export it to different file formats.

So why would a bike commuter be interested? Well, I know some of you like to keep stats about your bike commute, and truth being, a cyclocomputer is not exact enough. I can’t remember the time that my exact tire size was listed on a cyclocomputer’s manual, so I just guesstimated or used the size closest to mine. So by using the GPS recorder I came to find out, my commute is NOT 21.3 miles but 23.6!!! Yeah, that made a dent on my log, I’m over 800 miles for the year!

Another cool feature is that I can link it to my PDA via Bluetooth and by using GPS software, I can can pinpoint my location, get directions or find out where the nearest liqueur store is, well you don’t really need a GPS for that in SoCal, you can find them on every other corner, right next to the donut shop. Also, by pressing the little red button, the GPS will make a note of your current location, just in case you want to go back to that donut shop that sells really good Apple fritters.

So how much for this little geeky gadget? I’ve seen them retail from $89 bucks, that’s like a fourth of the price of a GPS unit! Sure it may not have a screen, but it is small enough to put on your significant other’s vehicle so you can find out where Sancho lives. 😉


  1. Mike Myers

    AHHH But then Big Brother can track me! Oh NOES!!!

  2. boc

    Ooh that’s sweet. It doesn’t look like they have any Mac software though. 🙁 I checked out their site and only saw mention of WinXP/Vista/CE. I would totally snag one of these otherwise.

  3. ksteinhoff

    OK, I’m tempted. I always stick my Garmin 60CS on my bars to keep a log of all my rides, but I don’t really need the map navigation features on my regular local loops.

    This is tiny enough that I could leave it on the bike all the time to keep those records.

    If I hadn’t just bought a Garmin Nuvi 760 for the car, I might have bitten on this. Sometimes you just hit GPS overload.

  4. db

    What’s the battery life like? What kind of battery(ies) does it use?

  5. Moe (Post author)

    Battery: Built-in rechargeable 1100mAh Li-ion on Battery Life: 32hrs
    Charging time: 3hrs. (Typical)

  6. Jim

    $59? Where? Everything I have found says double that cost…

  7. Moe (Post author)
  8. Darrren

    I’ve been using Bim Active on my cellphone for basically the same thing. Wirelessly uploads to their website when you finish. On the phone you can look at a summary, mile splits, charts, maps (street, terrain, sattelite), weather for current location. It has support for running, cycling, walking, and general. On the website you can look at all that and more, statistics, maps, plan activities, export in various formats (gpx, kml, etc.). Overall I’m really happy with it. I use it every time I ride, and also use it when I inline speed skate. Big plusses for me are the wireless upload and not needed to charge and carry another device.

  9. Darrren

    hmmm… link didn’t make it into the post, hopefully it works this time.
    Support for many phones on different providers.

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