Green Tuesday: Clever Campaign To Get People To Go (on a) Green

KHS Bicycles does it again with a clever campaign to get people on bikes. First it was “Gas Sucks Ride a Bike.” Now they have this…

khs green
Click Here to see the KHS Green.

They even used an excerpt from Moe’s review of the Green...

“Are you a person that wants to start bike commuting?…The KHS Green is the bikefor you!!!”


  1. 2whls3spds

    Good ad campaign…now if they would just: 1) Have them available and 2) make them in my size…


  2. Ghost Rider

    They’re not available?

    Aaron, what size of bike do you ride? Are you a giant of a man? Those sloping-top-tube bikes fit a pretty wide variety of inseams (which is why so many bike companies build frames in that configuration — less frame sizes to stock).

  3. db

    Can’t remember if we’ve discussed this on this site before, but it just chafes at me that step-through frames are marketed as women’s bikes (and sold only in women’s sizes as a result).

    There are lots of folks with bad hips/knees/ankles who have issues throwing their legs over “normal” bikes. Step-through frames allow for an easier mount and dismount.

    They are very common in Europe. So why aren’t American companies that are catering to the commuter market figuring this out?

    For lots of people, the easiest bike to ride is the funnest bike to ride.

  4. Ghost Rider

    You’re totally right — mixte and “stepthrough” frames have a stigma attached to them in the U.S. — “ooh, that’s a girl’s bike!”. In Europe and everywhere else cyclists roam, you’ll see plenty of men on such bikes, and their masculinity doesn’t suffer because of it.

  5. 2whls3spds

    I ride a 65cm(25.5″)+ road frame. On the 21″ actual frames I have a hard time getting the handlebars up high enough. My seat top to pedal dimension is around 36″. I have a Redline R530 in the XL, it almost perfect in standover height for me. On most 21″ frames (my Raleigh included) I have to lean forward too much for my taste on those bikes. FWIW I ride step through frames too. I only have one at the moment (try and find those in a Large or XL!) It is a 19″ size, but with the adjustable stem and an extra long MTB seatpost I was able to make it work. It is my current grocery getter, but probably will be replaced by the Redline R530 when I find a front generator hub with roller brakes….so far no luck on that search on this side of the pond.


  6. 2whls3spds

    Oh and on availability…there is one KHS shop within a reasonable distance of me and they couldn’t even find pricing for it. Next closest dealer is over 120 miles away and doesn’t carry them, but will order one if I pay for it up front…


  7. Ghost Rider

    Oy, you’re a tall drink of water, ain’t ya? That must be tough finding suitable bikes…

    I wonder if any of our partners at KHS can help you round one up…Vinces, are you out there?

  8. 2whls3spds

    Big and tall….now 😉 I stand 6′-2″, but have fairly long arms and legs. Tipping the scales at a solid 215# depending on the time of year. I got put in the freakin’ office for a year and gained about 30# that I didn’t need. Back in the field now, but not on the crew, just pushing paper, but still more active than if I was at the main office. Current jobsite, I have a plant bike that I ride in circles all day…probably average 4-5 miles on a single speed cruiser, then go for a 30 minute ride on my Redline or Raleigh at the end of the day.


  9. Jlpicard2

    My closest dealer says that there is a major shortage in the KHS east warehouse, and that it will be 3 to 4 weeks before the KHS Green is available again. Maybe it’s pretty popular.

  10. Moe

    We talked to the KHS guys, the Green seems to be very popular in the East Coast.

  11. Karen Colby

    what is the ballpark price for a mahattan green?

  12. Moe

    Ballpark retail is $300-350.

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