A few good things happening…

As you may have seen from time to time…one of our other passions other than bike commuting is Mountain Biking. So we run a site called in which we do exactly the same thing that we do here, but the content is regarding mountain biking. About 99% of all the tech tips we do are universal, meaning that you can use them on your commuter bike or mountain bike. We also like to cross-promote products that we’re reviewing in the event we feel that one group may benefit from the other. So here are a few great things happening over at

Install your favorite beer caps on your bar ends:

Win a set of the Sweetskinz Digi Camo tires:

A review is in progress for a work stand, the Sette ST7 DLX:

A review of the Ergon GC2 grips:

Using a PVC pipe as a tool for your bike:

Videos from our mountain biking adventures:

Videos on how to fix disc brakes…yes there are some commuter bikes that are equipped with disc brakes:

There really is too much to mention in one post. The best thing to do is check it out even if you’re not into mountain biking since there are a few morsels of great information that can transcend over to bike commuting.

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