Day6 Dream Review

Day6 Dream 21speed

day6 dream


Frame Aluminum 6061
Fork Cr-Mo
Stem Alloy
Head Set Neco/Alloy
Crank Pro Wheel/Alloy
Tire Front/Rear Kenda Komfort 26 x 1.95
Rim Double wall, CNC sidewall, Alloy
Casette Shimano
Derailleur Front/Rear Shimano Altus 21 speed
Shifter Sram MRX Comp+
Freewheel Shimano
V-Brake Front/Rear ProMax/Alloy
Seat Velo 11″
Seat Day 6 Custom Injection Molded – 17″
Back Day 6 Custom Injection Molded – with lumbar and integrated travel pack
Weight Approximate 35 34
Wheel Base 51″
Weight Limit 250 pounds
Rider Size 5′4″ – 6′3″ Approximate
Rider Size 4′8″ – 5′7″ Approximate
Colors Cobalt Blue, Metallic Burgundy
MSRP $729

In my many days of riding bikes, I’ve pretty much ridden most types of bikes that are available. From foldables, to skate bikes, I’m sure I’ve been on it already. But it wasn’t until I met the Day6 Dream that I felt like I was introduced to a new type of bike. This bike really isn’t your typical recumbent, nor is it a mountain bike. It’s as if a mountain bike and a recumbent had some steamy love affair and out popped the Day6 Dream.

Some would assume that recumbent-type bikes are for the older riders. But here is what’s surprising about the Dream: it’s really a nice ride. I don’t care if you’re 12 or 90, if you were to get on this bike you’ll find that the bike offers a very nice ride. Sure, the comfy seat and backrest provide you with more comfort than an old Cadillac. But don’t be mistaken thinking that this bike is a dog. Nope, this puppy can fly!

I can’t really say how fast I was able to get this bike to go since I didn’t have a cyclo-computer, but it’s not shy when it comes to flexing its muscles.

One of my main concerns about this bike was the fork. It has a long sweeping rake on it that reminds me of a pitchfork. Basically I was afraid that through the use of the bike, the fork would give or have some catastrophic break down. Well, after many attempts of doing bunny hops and jumping off the curb, my big, hulking mass of a body…weighing in at 202lbs (at the time of the test-but now I’m 187lbs!), the fork never showed signs of metal or welding fatigue. In fact, this bike really surprised me on how nimble it was. The Dream ended up becoming one of the bikes in my stable that I’ve come to enjoy riding. I found myself riding this bike more when it came to trips to the store or doing quick errands.

I really enjoyed the built-in saddle/backrest bag that allowed me to store my wallet, water bottles, keys, locks, and ice cream. I think more bikes should be like the Dream and come with some sort of practical storage unit that is screaming…”use me!”

Climbing on the Dream was no different than any other bike, actually I found it to be easier than a regular bike. One benefit of having this recumbent-like geometry is the bike’s climbing prowess. All I had to do was push my back against the rest, get a full leg extension and pedal! I never experienced pain in my lower back during and after climbing and the cushioned back rest was strong enough to handle the force I was giving it.

Super fun!
Comfy riding
Relaxed geometry
Great blue color!
Built in storage
Full adjustable seat and back rest boom
Strong frame
Great tires-excellent choice! “Kenda Komfort 26 x 1.95”
2 water bottle mounts
Fast and nimble
Disc brake compatible
21speed drive train will last longer (IMHO) than 24 or 27 speed
Easy to assemble


It’s longer than your average bike…then again so is my Xtracycle
Rear rack, the only one available is the model they offer at their site for $59.99
Transporting this bike could become a potential problem. You’ll have to be creative on how you mount it on your trunk or hitch mount rack.

Overall the bike did really well during the testing period. The wheels stayed true, derailleurs stayed tuned, brakes worked every time. My favorite part of testing the Day6 Dream was making sure the frame was legit. I literally put myself in harm’s way in order to make sure this product held up to its promised intentions as well my expectations.

The Dream’s frame was built with care and quality in mind. If all your parts were to eventually wear out, you’ll still have your Dream frame! What’s neat about the Dream is that there are no proprietary bike parts other than the saddle and back rest. The other parts on it can be easily found in any cycling website or local bike shop.

So if you were to ask me if I would recommend this bike, I’d say “yes I would”. It’s a great riding bike; the parts worked as they should. The bike does get attention while it’s on the rode, which I think is great because drivers will notice you more. The Day6 Dream really does make a great commuter bike. It can handle short trips as well as long tours, the kind that takes your through various vineyards and breweries.

To learn more about the Day6 Bicycles 21 Speed Dream, just CLICK HERE!


  1. Kelly

    Glad to read this good review! I definitely agree with the “super fun” comment!

    My hubby and I both have Day 6 bikes, he’s got the 21-speed you tested (in blue!) and I have the seven-speed. Sixteen-year old daughter is jealous and wants one. We’ll see.

    It does take a little creativity to get these longer and heavier bikes on a rack, we have one of those racks that hang off a trailer hitch. It’s pretty simple, tho. We remove the seat back (to reduce weight and windloading), attach a crossbar (because the “stepthrough” design imitates a lady’s bike) and turn the front wheel backwards to shorten the length, and bungee the wheel in place. Then we put both bikes on facing opposite directions. The result is a bit wider than our Honda Accord, but not too much. Works for us. It does take a little extra time, but that’s okay. The ride is worth it.

  2. RL Policar

    Hi Kelly,

    I’m glad you two are enjoying it. The Dream really is a fun ride!

    You know we’re going to be giving our demo bike away starting next Monday…yah seriously! Your daughter has a chance to win it!

    We’ll post the details of the contest soon.

    Good luck!


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  4. Jerry

    Thanx for a good review RL.
    I’ve been considering Day 6 for awhile but yours is the first review I’ve seen. The ad hype and videos on the Day 6 site make it seem like a great bike and your review confirms it.
    I’ve been concerned about the frame and forks but I believe you’ve put my mind at rest.
    Thanx again,

  5. Jerry

    I forgot to ask what does this mean

    Disc brake compatible


  6. RL Policar (Post author)

    Hi Jerry,

    Disc brake compatible means that the frame and fork can accept disc brakes. All you would need are disc wheels and a set of inexpensive Avid BB5’s and you’re set! Better braking power and control.

    You should enter the contest we’re having for the Day6. Right now your chances are pretty good in winning, surprisingly I’ve yet to receive an entry for it…but its only been 12 hours since I posted the contest and we do have a whole month to go…but good luck!

  7. Ghost Rider

    On the last photo of this review, the two holes above the rear dropout are the brake mounting points.

    You’ll still need disc-capable hubs to pull this off.

  8. Jerry

    Thanx 4 the answer on disc brakes. I see the rear mounts now but I can’t see a mount in the front fork .

    By the way, I did enter the contest and hope you’ve received my email entry.


  9. Anton Anderson

    First, I entered the contest. Then, I read your review. This appears to be the bike for me after my total knee replacement. I have been using my Giant Farago on a trainer in order to keep the knee loose, but have been afraid to try riding on the road. Maybe I’ll dust off my BikeE if I don’t win!

    I’m glad I found your site through Google.


  10. Rebecca

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been looking at all kinds of foot-forward technology bikes and with back problems think the Day6 is the way to go. We don’t have a dealer within 100 miles so that I can try one out, but I think it’s a good excuse for a road trip! Again, thanks! You helped make up my mind.

  11. Rebecca

    My Dream 21 (cobalt blue) arrived and I was able to ride it for the first time today. I rode the Dream 6 miles, with my husband on his mountain bike, this morning and could have ridden more if time had allowed. This is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden! It takes less effort to ride than an upright. I found every other bicycle seat very uncomfortabe, which made my trips shorter than I would have liked. (And I tried every seat that said it was a “comfort” seat, but couldn’t find one that was really comfortable until the new SC on my Dream.) Now I plan on riding longer and farther than I ever have. I feel safer when stopping due to being able to put my feet down without having to hop off the bicycle. My hands used to go numb because of having to lean on them to ride my other bicycle…not anymore! I felt like this bike was a little more expensive than I had hoped but considered that joining a gym (which wouldn’t be utilized as much as we all intend) would have cost at least a good portion of this price. Through experience, I’ve found that if you don’t enjoy the exercise, it doesn’t matter how much it costs, you won’t do it!! Because I enjoy riding the Dream21, I get to be outside, see other people, and get a comfortable, yet worthwhile, workout at the same time. I’m not an athlete, just a 5’2″ lady in her 50’s that wants to look and feel better. If you have tried other bikes without feeling comf0rtable, try this bike! It’s great!!!

  12. sundance

    are there alternative fenders one could mount other than the ugly gray plastic ones they offer ?

  13. Mary

    I purchased one at in red. Go though to access for a 6% cash back.

    I do NOT regret buying this bike BUT putting a basket on this bike is a problem. Here is the response from the company owner to an email I sent him about WHAT type of basket will work. “I am aware that aftermarket baskets and racks are a problem for this bicycle and its design. We are currently designing a new rack ourselves that would be less costly than the one we currently offer. The current rack will work with many aftermarket baskets, but they need to be the side mounted type. The top mounted baskets interfere with the backrest structure. So any side mounted basket from Topeak, Wald, or any other basket company should work.”

  14. FalconEV

    The Day 6 can be converted into a great commuter electric bike by

  15. Keith Templeton

    I read a comment from Kelly (June 2008) regarding the use of a crossbar to aid in the transport of a Day 6 bike. Where does one get such a crossbar? Are they specifically made for this bike?

  16. Ghost Rider

    Keith, here is one choice: the Saris “Bike Beam”

    It’s not made for any particular bike, but may serve the purpose.

  17. Doug E.

    I talked to a gentleman in Wyoming last year about the Day 6 Dream 21. I can’t seem to find his website. He was going to give me a really good deal and not charge me shipping. Has anyone come across him? Please let me know if you would. Thank you.

  18. Doug E.

    I am sorry he has a bicycle shop in Wyoming. Not just a person with one of these bicycles. Thank you everyone!!!

  19. Ghost Rider

    Doug E.

    could it be Sports Lure?

    The Sports Lure
    66 S. Main Street
    Buffalo, WY 82834

  20. Marguerite

    I called Day 6 and asked what bike rack they would recommend. Kate said the Versa 2 from

  21. Linda

    I use a swagman bike rack where the tires sit in the rack. It works great. I am 55 and haven’t biked since I was a child – now I am biking 10-20 miles a day. This is an incredibly comfortable bike – like a cross between a lazyboy recliner and a bicycle!

  22. Steve

    How is the bike at climbing hills?
    Can you push back into the back pad to get extra force on the pedals?

  23. RL


    Climbs well, yes you can push against the back rest and pedal hard.

  24. Leroy

    Can I put the bike together myself and save money.
    Based upon how happy folks are, i doubt a warrantee is necessary.

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  26. Peter

    The Day 6 website says the Journey is easier to ride than the Dream. Why is that? What’s a brief summary of the differences in the 3 models Day 6 makes? Thanks!

  27. J. Kenneth Mathena

    I really want to buy a “Day 6” bicycle but my wife is giving me grief about not testing riding prior to purchase. I live in San Diego and none of their local dealers have 1 in stock. I’d pay $25 for a quick test ride if their is someone in my county that has 1. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Kenneth 619-395-1088

  28. William Lee

    Had my Dream 21 for a week now and I love it!

    For transport in a standard rack you need a special clip on bar that fits between the seat post and the front handlebar post. This gives you a way to hang it on a bike rack like any other bike.
    The one I use is made by SARIS.

  29. brittany.langston

    We currently have 3 Day6 Dream bikes for sale! I figured with these reviews it would be worth a shot to post the link here. Thank you!

  30. Myron E. Jacobs

    Just received my Day 6 Dream.
    In very short;
    paint and bike are both A-1, very well finished, the bike is very light en easy to handle.

    It’s a bike exactly as promoted, users friendly in a sence that this bike is so comfortable, and for the price is sold for, make this product upon receipt and after usage a real Dream.

    My bike is one of the first one in Curacao Neth-Antilles, that will be used and I am planning to order the Samson model.

    This statement is written from a very happy user, and I can recommend every one that is considering a Day 6 bike, go for one, and you will be happy, it’s a bike design with you in mind.

    Myron E. Jacobs
    Curacao Neth-Antilles

  31. Boris golender

    Where I can buy dream 21 on web? And how much it will be cost? Any help??? Thanks

  32. john

    Nice bike! innovative design

  33. Harold Clark

    I bought the Dream 21 in 2013. I have enjoyed the bike and put over 750 miles on it. I ride it to work. I changed the twister grips to Trigger shifters and I put Schwalbe Big Ben Low pressure tires on it. You think it doesn’t roll with the big tires @ 2.35″? Wrong, It rides and rolls like a champ. I can take hills with the greatest of ease. By the way, I’m pushing 80 years with a very short stick and still riding it and loving it. It is my main ride next to my Greenspeed Magnum tadpole trike. My other bikes rarely leave the garage.
    I would recommend this bike to any one of all ages.

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