How to Carry a Studio on Your Bike

Just a few snaps from a photoshoot last week to show the Bilenky in action. The load on the front is actually pretty light. I was shooting some portraits using available light, so no need to carry lightstands, strobes and the like. One Pelican case with a camera body a few lenses.

I showed up early and had some time to kill, so I took a few pics of the set up. I’m pulling a Burley Flatbed trailer. On it is a stepladder, wooden chair and yes…a 3 foot inflatable globe. It was a prop for the shoot but also makes a not-so-subtle statement.

Here’s a detail of my bars. They’re Albatross bars, but I decided to add some bar ends to make an H-bar type configuration. It works pretty well. It gives me a little more stretched out position on long rides.

Last but not least, I’m rocking a ZeroPerGallon patch, reminding impatient drivers behind me what I’m NOT spending my money on πŸ™‚ Riding around with the rig got some fun looks. A few mouths hanging agape either in wonder, awe or revulsion.


  1. Pamela

    This entry should have been titled “How to carry the world on your bike”.


  2. Scott

    WOW! Those pictures are so awesome! More people need to see what is really possible if someone is committed to riding their bike instead of driving. Props to you for your ingenuity!

  3. Palm Beach Bike Tours

    Great idea about adding the bar ends to the bird bars. I’ll have to remember that.

    (Maybe it’s just the anal-retentive copy editor in me but those Zero Per Gallon stickers/patches really annoy me.

    That 9/10 of a cent means ‘not zero’. You’re still paying almost a penny a gallon. That isn’t the same as zero.

    Granted, I’d be happy to fill my car at a penny a gallon. Also, I understand that you need the 9/10 as a visual cue to let people know you’re talking about gas.

    Still, it bugs the crap out of me.

    Maybe $0.00 0/10?

    Then again, maybe it’s just me.

    (As an aside, I just learned yesterday that a gallon of gas has 31,000 calories worth of energy. When pulling my bike trailer with the kid aboard, I’m burning an estimated 60 calories a mile. That means my bike gets about 517 miles per gallon when fully-loaded. On my go-fast bike, I’m doing better than 800 miles per gallon. Suck it Prius owners!))

  4. Lance

    My logical brain can’t quite accept the 9/10 either. I did like the one I saw that was something along the lines of:
    “40 MPB(Miles Per Burrito)”

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