Great Customer Service: Planet Bike

I’ve been using my Planet Bike Fenders for quite some time and when I realized I was missing a piece of hardware, I shot an email over to the folks at Planet Bike. All I needed was a small plastic mounting bracket that sat behind the rear brake and held the rear fender. Planet Bike offers a hardware kit for about $4. But I emailed them to find out which one I needed since I wasn’t sure which model I had. So I gave them the info about my Redline 925 and a nice fella named Dan, I’m assuming its Dan Powell, in charge of Sales and Marketing, emailed me back within a few minutes asking if all I needed was the mounting bracket, if so, then he can just find one and send it out…no charge!

Wow! Not only did I get a quick response from my email, but the dude took care of me…just like that! That’s what I call excellent customer service! is a big fan of Planet Bike, heck I think all of us here owns at least one set. We also featured Chris Follmer, Planet Bike Employee in our commuter profiles.


  1. Rapps

    I went out Monday and got fenders. The shop only carried one brand and they look good as the black matches the tires, so it doesn’t look like an add on. They work and their Planet Bike!

  2. Ghost Rider

    Cool…Planet Bike fenders are awesome.

    Yeah, I guess it’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Planet Bike. They really DO take the fine art of customer service seriously in an age when such is dying out.

  3. Iron Man

    I totally wrecked my front fender from my PB Hardcore set. I was having trouble getting used to the added toe overlap and sure enough this morning as I arrived at work I nearly endoed. The toe of my shoe caught a support as I was making a slow speed turn. The support forced the fender to bend and get fed into my front wheel and locked it up like I grabbed a fistful of disc brake.

    It was a spectacular recovery on my part (thank goodness for the mtb skills, easy exit from the clipless pedals, and no coworkers around to laugh it up). Needless to say I totally bent up the supports, busted the fender nearly in half, and put a huge damper on my morning.

    I can’t say this is PB’s fault though. It’s a combination of user error and not enough clearance on my 2001 Jamis Ventura (even though it’s a sport/touring model). Just a warning to fender buyers, toe overlap can be a big issue with many road bikes out there.

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