Simple S24O and Commuter front setup…

Here’s a little more low-key commuter couture for you. If you don’t have dollars to drop for a nice front rack they have at VeloOrange or Rivendell you can still make the front-end of your bike a little more useful.

Exhibit A…the Nashbar Mini Front Rack…the poor man’s Nitto (I bought mine for the princely sum of $12). Apparently, there’s a lot of poor men since this thing is out of stock at the moment. Don’t worry, they periodically show up.

Mounted, it looks like this.

Simply mounted, it isn’t carrying a whole heck of a lot. BUT, combine it with any number of Wald baskets and now you have something more useful! I purchased a medium-ish basket and cut off the long struts with a pair of bolt cutters, so I could just have the basket.

Now your bike is exponentially more useful. Throw in some leather toe-straps (as a general rule, leather toe-straps make excellent fasteners…stronger and reusable compared to zip ties and oh-so-classy) and it’s even MORE usefull and stylish!

I’m carrying an inflatable sleeping pad, a small soft cooler with lunch, tent stakes and a little folding Ikea tripod chair! Perfect for my upcoming S24O or a picnic!