School’s out!

My kids are now out of school so that means that my car gets parked and I ride all the way from home to work. Another benefit is that I don’t have to worry about the frantic, careless drivers that plague schools when I ride by them.

I really love my rear rack!

However, riding all the way from home means that I have a longer commute and my route is no longer flat. This can be a challenge by the end of the week, I do feel tired and a little sore but gas prices keep me motivated to keep riding.

I’ve also noticed an increase of bike commuters, not so much so on the river trail, but on the streets. Could it be that since people don’t have to drive their kids to school they actually decided to ride to work?

Anyhow, I leave you with a picture from a museum that I ride by that it is sort of of an oxymoron:


  1. Brent

    I have just the opposite issue as you. Now that school is out I need to take my two kids to child care before work, when I used to be able to drop them off at the bus stop, and then ride to work.

  2. Dominic Dougherty

    I don’t see how it’s an oxymoron… it’s natural progression of society. Now that oil is history, everybody is riding bikes!

    (…that and the Hathaway family made a killing in oil drilling at the turn of the century, same era as that penny farthing)

  3. Franky

    Here in Jersey it’s actually more dangerous to ride your bike when school is out. Now all the teenagers with their cars and too much time on their hands are loose on the streets.

  4. TJ

    Hey Moe, what’s in the triangle box?

  5. Moe (Post author)

    They were the Zogics Citrawipes banners that I had to send back to them.

  6. Karen

    I love schools out! I live in a college town and fewer students means clearer streets. Great for me because I am in the learning stage of biking on the street to and from work. Am definitely seeing more bikes on the street. Love the pannier by the way.

  7. TJ

    Thanks, I thought maybe it was your lunch.

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