Server Issues… again…

Well, we rolled the dice with a new web host company, and it looks like we achieved the same result: CRAP!

We are now running on a backup server and we hope to be fully functional soon. Meanwhile, we are working on some cool reviews and we will be giving away the Day6 bike, so keep coming back!!!


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  2. Tim Grahl

    Are you using shared hosting? If so, you might consider upgrading to dedicated-virtual system. It’s more expensive, but well worth it for the reliability.

    I started using Slicehost awhile ago and, while it took a bit to work out the kinks, my sites are now serving about 5x faster and have a whole lot less down time.

  3. Palm Beach Bike Tours

    Good luck!

    I’m really surprised you are having so much trouble with hosting. WordPress is nothing exotic and even with a fairly popular, photo-heavy site, you shouldn’t be swamping any reasonable server or provider.

    My day job is as IT Director for a financial services firm. If there is anything I can do on the technical side to assit, please drop me an email message.

    Get the site fixed soon! I missed y’all yesterday.


  4. DDK

    I’ve been pleased over the past six years with BlueHost ( They are shared hosts and thus not blazingly fast, but they are pretty reliable, have great tech support, and are very good at “keeping up with the Jones'” when it comes to updating their hardware. If you are raking in the dough from ads you want more horsepower…but if not…

    My site is decrepit and out of date, but it has a Coppermine install if you want to test their speed with heavy PHP and images:

  5. Moe

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Since we run 3 major sites and 2 minor sites, our bandwidth requirements are somewhat high. Also, we are not ‘raking in the dough’ with the ads, so it has been hard to find a host that is within our budget. But we will keep trying, hopefully everything will be resolved by this weekend.

  6. 2whls3spds

    Not sure if they would work for you or not, but I have a couple of businesses hosted on

    Never had any downtime that I have been aware of and the tech support when needed has been excellent.


  7. Tim Grahl

    Media Temple is also a good choice for shared hosting…

  8. Moe (Post author)

    Actually, the server move has been completed (one of the reasons why the permanlinks were not working).

    The host company that we chose is the same as what our buddies from Evomo use, let’s see if we don’t break this server too…

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