One Cool Vest: Arctic Heat Cooling vest

A couple of weeks ago I complained about being the weather being too hot. A hot day can discourage some people to leave the bike at home and drive. I confess that I am one of those people. Riding 14 miles in a hot day is no fun, so I went out in a search for a solution. Enter the Arctic Heat Cooling Vest:

The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest is a revolutionary product designed to counter the harmful effects of heat stress. It is fast becoming an essential piece of sporting equipment for athletes seriously seeking a competitive edge.

For industry, the vests are an effective and convenient method of protecting employee’s health as well as improving productivity.

People that suffer from heat stress through medical conditions e.g MS and eczema gain great relief by using the Arctic Heat Cooling Vest.

The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest contains a special non-toxic completely biodegradable viscose gel that absorbs the water it is soaked in. The materials used in the vest are designed to lower skin temperature, which in turn stabilises the core body temperature. By controlling and stabilizing the core body temperature a person can perform at his or her optimum level for much longer, sustained periods.

It also reduces sweating and assists the natural cooling system of the body.

My vest came in yesterday, so I will be riding with it on the way home. I will post my first impression of the vest tomorrow morning.