Mandatory 2008 Tour de France post

Yeah I know, what the heck does the Tour have to do with bike commuting? Well, professional riders do use their bikes to work! And think about their ‘commute’, over 2000 miles in a month! Anyhow, I am a fan of professional cycling, I do get excited when Le Tour starts. I record the morning race to watch it later at night, I usually watch the last 15-20km, that’s where a lot of the action happens.

Unlike previous years, I do not have a favorite rider to root for, but I think that Cadel Evans is a good bet to win it all.

How about you? Do you care about the Tour? If so, who’s your favorite rider?


  1. Ghost Rider

    I love the Tour and professional cycling in general…and have for a long time (early 80s). I even loved it during the “dark doping days”…frankly, I could care less about performance-enhancing meds, because those riders are still superhuman even with extra EPO onboard!

    The guys I’m rooting for are Cadel Evans…the only podium returner this year…and the Thunder God himself, Thor Hushovd. My favorite team is Barloworld, though — because I’m hoping they can bring Bianchi back to the forefront of racing dominance (where they belong).

  2. Iron Man

    No real favorite for me either, but Cadel sure shows grit. He fought so hard at last year’s tour that you couldn’t help but be a fan. I have to say I’m probably rooting for Valverde.

    No Tom Boonen this year either. Bettini, Hushovd, or Freire in Green? Dang I wish I had Versus.

  3. Palm Beach Bike Tours

    I TiVo the Tour daily and watch it after dinner. The Versus cut is three hours and I can generally get through it in about an hour and 20 minutes thanks to fast-forwarding through commercials and the boring sections.

    I enjoy watching the Tour. It is an amazing sporting event. I’m sad that a doping cloud follows the race. I really would have liked to see Astana in the race this year. I don’t mind cheaters getting ejected but it sucks when innocent riders (Floyd anyone?) get booted as well.

    I don’t have a favorite rider or team this year. I love rooting for break aways and underdogs.

    It would be nice if George won another stage or two before he retires but the guy has the killer instinct of a fuzzy bunny and that isn’t likely to happen.


  4. Nord

    Some of you may have heard about this insanity.

    My fraternity brother’s older brother, in an homage to a close family friend who passed away earlier this year, is attempting to ride the entire TdF course, stage by stage, on the same day as the peloton, sufficiently ahead of the peloton to avoid the route closures, carrying 25 lbs of gear (bike commute across France?) and sleeping wherever he can.

    In a word, insanity. Experts agree it can’t be done.

    I adopt the McManus position.

  5. Iron Man

    Yikes! I just realized that Bettini is in Austria. Fat Lot I know about this year’s Tour. No green for him. It’d be great to see someone from Garmin-Chipotle win one of the points jerseys though. Obviously they have seasoned pros on the team, but they still have a little “Cinderella Story” potential.

  6. Tim

    I am an avid fan and have been since I was a kid. I have been very impressed with the two American teams, Garmin Chipolte & Columbia.

    Deep down I want to route for Vandevalde ( It must be the American inside me), but I think It will be Evans or Menchov. I am really sad that Solar had to abandon.

  7. Ghost Rider

    I was impressed by Soler in that he rode for another full stage after his crash with both wrists taped up…that must have been excruciating!

    This tour is really shaping up to be a memorable one. It’s been incredibly exciting so far — newcomers making a mark, new teams really giving it their all, and most incredibly: the French riders just getting out there every day and showing the world that they are hungry for victory. Nicolas Vogondy’s stunning early breakaway and “hanging by the teeth” near-win was the stuff of legends. That guy TOTALLY deserves to wear the French National champion jersey.

  8. meli

    I do watch it. I love seeing the new rides and gadgets that are used in the tour as well as the gear etc. Skinny boys in lycra? im there.

    I think im a bit more excited this year over the fact that BMX bikes/race is official for the 2008 Olympics.

  9. Ghost Rider

    Oh, yeah, nothing gets my cycling blood pumping like the Summer Olympics…and I’m VERY excited by the BMX racing debut!!!

    I just hope the media outlets broadcast BMX and track racing at times when I’ll actually be able to watch it…

  10. Iron Man

    Man are they ever pumping up Taylor Phinney for Beijing. That kid is gonna tear up the track according the press. Good thing the Olympics aren’t on Versus.

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