Some more bling for your bike!

When we’re not going on bicycle adventures, Laura is busy working on her jewelry. Now she’s making some jewelry that you can put on your ride! Here are a few of her recent samples:

An owl on our friend Jaymee’s touring bike.

A turtle on my Bilenky cargo bike.

A monogram and a butterfly on Laura’s soon to be built touring bike. She’ll be putting a few more sterling silver butterflies around the bike! As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

An ai-ai (some strange sloth like animal with really long middle fingers for gathering bugs) for Dominic’s touring bike.

Her designs aren’t limited to only animals (though they seem to be popular choices) or just the headbadge per se. So let your imagination run wild and drop her an email or visit her Etsy shop and place an order today!

About the Artist
Here’s a little video about the process through which she makes her jewelry. Very nature oriented.

Laura even carries her jewelry to shows via bike! Here’s her rig with her jewelry, display and a table. As you can see she walks the walk as well.


  1. Jayme Bassett

    Awesome headbadges, I love my owl! Too bad all aye aye’s aren’t made out of nickel…I might let Dominic bring one home. =)

  2. Benjamin Jones

    Pretty freakin’ sweet! I’m jealous of her skill.

  3. meli

    those are uber cute!
    thanks for the etsy link, ill be coveting them <3

  4. Moe

    how are they attached to the bike? Can they easily be stolen?

  5. Val

    Any estimates of price range (I definitely understand that it could vary wildly, but a minimum would be nice to know)?

  6. Jayme Bassett

    Epoxy is holding mine on pretty well. No problems over here.

  7. Laura

    Like Jayme said, a really good epoxy should be enough to hold them on. And, you’d probably really have to wrench one hard to get it off, so I doubt they’d be a theft target.

    Prices… copper starting at $70, sterling silver starting at $85. Other metals are available if you want, but I much prefer working with those two.

  8. Paul

    What is Laura’s rig she is leaning up against?

  9. bikingbristol

    Laura- That is very creative! Great idea and nice work. I will save your link in my favorites… I think my wife would really enjoy some personalized jewerely for her bike.

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