Hoss Sienna Plaid Ponderosa Knickers

I wasn’t much of a fan of knickers…that is until I tried the Hoss Ponderosa Knickers. I’m a huge fan of their Ponderosa shorts; I own 3 pairs and I use them to commute and to mountain bike. So, Hoss sent me a pair of their Sienna Plaid Ponderosa Knickers to ride with.

Here’s some technical info about the knickers:

* 8 panel microfiber polyester outer shell is lightweight and durable
* 6 panel polyester/Spandex liner with CoolMax for moisture management and comfort
* CoolMax sanitized chamois with multi-level technology improves comfort by relieving the pressure points between body and saddle
* Adjustable bungee cord closure on legs
* 6 pockets, including 2 side cargo pockets and a rear cargo style pocket with Velcro closures
* Partial elastic waistband with extra secure belt and buckle for comfort and fit
* Rear stretch panel for comfort and flexibility

The biggest reason why I like these knickers is because they cover my knees and they shield the cool morning breeze . Having arthritis, this is a big plus; my knees don’t stiffen up and become sore when I get to work. So how do they feel in the hot afternoons? The Ponderosa knickers breathe rather well, and riding in the hot afternoons is not an issue for me. The chamois is also top notch — it absorbs the sweat and keeps my derrière very comfortable.

Bonus Blue Power ranger Picture

The adjustable bungees do a great job in keeping the knickers’ pant leg away from the chain. I also like their style; they are not super tight and they are not too baggy — the Sienna plaid fabric give these knickers a subtle touch of class.

The knickers are priced very competitively at a MSRP of $69.95, but frankly, for all the features that these knickers offer, I think that the Hoss Ponderosa knickers are an excellent buy.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Swanky…I love that subtle plaid!

  2. Black Pearl

    I am not still busting on the cooling vest but it does make you look like a Klingon.

    How can I become a reviewer to try those knickers they look great, I wanted a pair of the Rapha plus fours but could not afford them, these are on my shopping list for my next pay check.

    Great look.

  3. Moe (Post author)

    I had to post that picture for your amusement… but
    I prefer Power Ranger….

  4. tadster

    It’s morphin’ time! Thanks for the pic. =)

    It actually looks like the vest would provide some padding in the event of a tumble…

  5. Mike Myers

    Yeah, I have to say the vest is a bit odd looking. Very science fiction.

  6. RL Policar

    too bad those grey gel things don’t reflect.

  7. db

    Love the plaid. I have a pair of the Ponderosa shorts as well, and I really like them for mountain biking.

    I don’t wear them for commuting because they take a little longer to dry out (the inner lining is attached near the bottom of the legs). But for the trail, they are bomb-proof.

  8. Scott

    Awesome Power Ranger pic! 🙂

    So does your arthritis kick up much, and does it limit your biking? I don’t have arthritis, but every now and then my knees feel like they aren’t to happy with my biking. I like to snowboard in the winter and have noticed similar knee discomfort. I’m just wondering what I’ve got to look forward to if I keep riding. If that’s too personal, then no biggie, I just thought I’d ask. Thanks for the great blog.

  9. Moe (Post author)

    Scott, actually, my arthritis kicks up when I stop riding! My range of motion has drastically improved since I started riding a bike over 5 years ago. Cold weather does seem to kick up my arthritis, but I usually wear knee warmers to keep my knees happy and warm. Besides swimming, I think cycling is the best form of exercise for someone that suffers from arthritis.

  10. Ansel Adams

    I love the silhouette of the knickers. The use of the dark alley and bright sunshine in the background is artistic genius.

    Now, what do the knickers look like?

  11. Moe (Post author)

    Ansel, check the 4th picture.

  12. Moe (Post author)

    Power Rangers represent!!!

  13. High Plains Shifter

    Do the Knickers run tru to size? I range between a 34″ – 36 ” pants, based on manufacturer. 35″ seems to be optimum. I am thinking the large vs. extra large. Thoughts based on your experience with Hoss product?s

  14. Moe

    I’m the same waist size as you, I recommend the Large.

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