“I have the right of way!!!”-But is it worth it?

I got into a conversation with a fellow bike commuter and loyal reader. We got on the subject of
“right of way.”
Photo Courtesy of Mr. Walker.

Sure bicycles have every right to the road as any other vehicle, but at what cost? I’ve been through so many confrontations with dumb drivers because I had asserted myself and made sure they knew that I had “right of way.” In hind sight it may not have been the best move on my part. Now it makes me think whether its better to let it go and not get to me when cars cut me off or deny me a lane.

I just don’t think that a fight between a man on his bicycle and a car or truck is a fair fight.

But I’m curious to know, how do you pick your battles or find a balance between an assertive rider and being an ALIVE rider.