Commuter Profiles: Nick and Lynn Tucker

Coming to us from New Zealand, meet Nick and Lynn Tucker:

How long have you been a bike commuter?

On and off since school days (Raleigh RSW 16), then when I lived in London in the early 1980s and put together a couple of Bitzas, but more regularly in the past ten years.


Why did you start riding your bike to work and how long is your commute?

In my last job it neatly got around dreadful car parking facilities, and now it’s a nice and flat ride (except for the first and last kilometre) – in total it’s about a 43km (say 26ish miles) round trip up to five days a week – not if it’s raining in the morning – that would be far too hair-shirt.

How does Bike Commuting help you with your weekend club rides?

Riding at the weekend as well – you’re ‘aving a smile aren’t you?

What do you do for a living and in what city do you bike commute?

I am a research engineer working on sustainable packaging and machines to make nanofibres. I commute across the Canterbury Plain in the south island of New Zealand from Christchurch to Lincoln.

What kind(s) of bike do you have?

I have a Specialized Crossroads bought new in about 1998, and the Missus has a racing tricycle which is a more interesting set of commuter wheels.


What do people (coworkers, friends) say when you tell them that you are a bike commuter?

Maybe cycle commuting is a bit more common in NZ, so aside from people wondering if I’d stick at it when I started comments are positive. Mind you most of my fellow commuters are way more sporty than I am – don’t forget that Kiwi tri-athletes usually carry their bicycle during the swimming bit.

Canterbury Plain

How about bicycling advocacy? Are you active in any local or regional advocacy groups?

I’m in the Canterbury Cycling Association (

Anything else that you want to share with us?

The prevailing nor’ easterly winds mean that the ride home can be a bit character forming, but a population density of 16 people per square km means that traffic density isn’t too bad, and maybe because the national collective enthusiasm here is sport of any kind, drivers are pretty cycle tolerant.

We’d like to thank Nick and Lynn for sharing their profiles with us — the scenery is lovely and that racing tricycle is really quite special!


  1. Iron Man

    Awesome! New Zealand is high on my “Dream Destination” list. What a treat to read stories from all over the globe. Keep it up guys!

    (I’m still working on my profile from the exotic Ozarks)

  2. Ghost Rider

    I need to update my own profile with photos of the tranny hookers that infest my neighborhood here in the viral swamplands of west-central Florida. Sounds glamorous, don’t it?

  3. Quinn

    a racing trike, sweet! That would the A**h***s in the SUVs away, Hopefully!

  4. ragged claws

    Alright, I have to ask. Do people really carry their bikes while swimming in triathlons in New Zealand? Color me naive, but the thought of it is provoking sympathetic drowning reflexes in me.

  5. Shek

    i dont see any pictures…so can not provide any useful comments!

  6. Iron Man

    Ghost, you mean they don’t look like Julia Roberts?

  7. Ghost Rider

    No, but there’s one of them who looks JUST like Lawrence Taylor, former linebacker for the New York Giants…(s)he is a piece of work!

    Anyway…I didn’t get the joke about the triathletes, either. Nick or Lynn, could you help us out here?

  8. 2whls3spds

    Sweet trike…I haven’t seen one of those in years. Last one IIRC was a Jack Taylor back in the late 70’s, we had a guy in our club that raced time trials on it.


  9. Will

    That racing trike is almost too cool for words. Where would you find one of those? Now that I’ve seen one, it seems like a necessary addition to my fleet of commuting/around town rides.

  10. Ghost Rider

    Will, ask and ye shall receive:

    There’s a UK-based racing trike association, but I cannot locate their website just now. I remember that it was filled with links to builders, though.

  11. Nick Tucker

    The UK trike racing people are the Tricycle Association (80 years old this year!) The site has a lot of information and some smashing pictures of full tilt tricycle racing – makes me wonder why it isn’t more of a spectator sport…

  12. Nick Tucker

    Ah, yes, look, about the triathlete joke.
    The average Kiwi is a bit hardcore about sport. Christchurch (about 300,000 souls) has 40 netball courts for instance, and a very large constituency of joggers and leisure cyclists (check out for more about recreational cycling – one of the fringe benefits to the commuter is a very good network of cycle paths –, and rugby ( is as near as we get to a state religion:-D.
    Back to the commuting front – two of my pals at work regularly pedal to Lincoln from Sumner which must be about a 72km (45mile) round trip – one chap is just nudging on to retirement age, and the other does it on a fixed wheel racer!
    So the joke was that the typical Kiwi sporty type might not find the triathlon challenge quite enough, and would therefore want to carry the bike whilst swimming…
    You might like to have a look at this site:

  13. Ghost Rider

    Thanks, Nick, for the “key” to understanding your joke — I thought that Kiwis might be hardcore enough to fill their pockets with bricks for the swimming portion, so I’m glad to see my suspicions were validated.

    Also, thanks for the link to the trikeracing federation — that is exactly the site I was referring to in my comment!

  14. Mike Myers

    Must be nice to live in paradise. 🙂

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