So I decided to switch the tires of my Ibex X-Ray, I’ve been riding with the Sweetskinz Rattleback tires for quite a while.

One of the drawbacks of riding with the Sweetskinz tires is their weight; they are thick and they are not light. I had a spare set of Continentals that came off my Bianchi Via Nirone, since I’m not riding at night, I figure I would shave a couple of pounds by installing them.

Well, the Sweetskinz tires may be heavy, but I haven’t had a flat since I installed them over a year ago. As luck may have it, my front tire got a flat the first day I switched the tires. No biggie, I changed tubes and I was back on the road in 5 minutes. Yesterday was the second day I rode with the Contis, yep, I got another flat, this time it was my rear tire. Now, here’s the part that sucked, I forgot to patch the spare tube so when I reached for my patch kit to fix it, the glue was so old that it had already hardened. I was SOL and my only option was to call my wife so she could pick me up.

I maybe sacrificing speed and weight, but my Sweetskinz Rattlebacks are going back on the Xray, I rather have their reliability and comfort. Oh yeah, I also need to get a new fresh patch kit.