RL’s Grocery Gitter’

Projects tend to run like viruses here at BikeCommuters.com. It was Jack that first created his Grocery Gitter, then it was Moe. The common theme with these gitter’s is that they are equipped with some sort of Wald Product.

So after I drank the Kool-Aid, I decided to equip my beloved Redline 925 and out fit the thing to be my own “Grocery Gitter.” I started off with my mondo large basket, the Wald 157GB.

Then Priscilla and I rode over the grocery store to get some food for our lunch. I also brought the Banjo Brothers Market Pannier.
banjo brothers market pannier
got some melons…

Once we were done, we packed up the Pannier, and the basket.

I had a case of water bottles and Top Ramen on the front basket.

Here’s how it looked when I was riding it.

The front load make it a bit tricky to maneuver the bike around, but as long as I had my elbows out and gripped the bars on the ends, then I had no issues with balancing. Once I got moving, it was easier to ride the bike.

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