Green Tuesday: Metal or Plastic?

I picked up a stainless steel water bottle from a store while I was in Ojai. I’d been reading about BPA in plastic bottles, and frankly, I’m tired of that nasty plasticky taste that some water bottles give.

This stainless steel bottle is from EnviroProductsInc, I’ve been using it on my last rides and I can really taste the difference. The only two drawbacks about my stainless steel bottle is the price; I got mine for $8.99 and mine didn’t come with a pop top, so I have to wait until I stop at a red light so I can unscrew the top and sip some water.

My wife made me aware that Marshall’s sell Aluminum water bottles at a cheaper price. I picked up this OGGI bottle for $5.99, it also came with a screw top. Now, not all metal water bottles are made the same, some come with some type of plastic liner defeating the purpose of avoiding BPA. I really dig my metal bottles so far, but I will be ordering some sport tops from Klean Kanteen, unscrewing those tops can be a pain in the rear.