Henry and Russ in the morning news.

I usually watch the KTLA morning news, and today they had a segment about bike commuting. Who is featured on this segment? None other than our pals Henry Hsieh and Russ Roca!

Henry and I at the City of Angels ride finish line.

Russ and I at the First Urban bicycle commuter expo

You can check out the video here.


  1. Iron_Man

    That’s awesome. Russ has done web, print, and now television. Next is the big screen. If they make that movie about Lance starring Matt Damon I bet you Russ will zip by in a scene on his Bilenky.

  2. Ghost Rider

    VERY nice…Bilenky and ZPG in full effect!

    It’s humorous to me how much a big deal “outsiders” make of commuting to work…I forget just how natural and normal it is to us. Well, here’s hoping that news stories like that encourage others to come out and join us.

  3. Iron_Man

    aullman, why did that post read like an infomercial?

  4. Ghost Rider

    Um, because it WAS an infomercial. We’re plagued by spam like this.

  5. bikingbristol

    Don’t hate spam. Think of all the mischief a spammer would get into into if they weren’t busy!

  6. Mike Myers

    I’m kind of surprised nobody made a big deal about Russ’ Bilenky. Surely that’s the first one any of them has seen.

  7. RL

    I used to love Spam especially with a fried egg and some rice! mmm

  8. meli

    that is a great top of EL TRI!!! love itttt 🙂

  9. Iron_Man

    “I love it. I’m having Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans, Spam, Spam, and Spam.”
    ~Eric Idle

  10. Ghost Rider

    Here’s a little bit of “urban legend” that I remember hearing about a bunch of years ago:

    Spam sells like hotcakes in many Pacific Rim countries…and the reasoning behind that is that Spam tastes a lot like human flesh — and the theory goes that some of those areas had a “cannibal culture”, so the familiar taste of Spam brings back fond memories of eating people.

    I know. It’s an urban legend…or is it?

  11. aullman

    Ok, my comment on Remote Office Centers read like an infomercial. I created a free web site with my own time and my own money to promote the idea of people working remotely in order to save gas and allow people to get to work using more efficient means like bikes. For this I plead guilty.

    There is no reason for most people to commute long distance every day, but millions do. All they need to do is change the way they get to work. So, I wrote an informercial explaining how people work remotely. How else can you get people to change the way they do things (like commuting) without advertising. Is this a bad thing?

  12. Ghost Rider

    It is a great idea, but it is still an unsolicited advertisement for a service. So, cut it out!

  13. aullman

    Ok. Can I mention the concept of working remotley without mentioning the website? Does that sound ok?

  14. Ghost Rider

    Sure, because like I said earlier, it is a great idea. There are all manner of solutions to long, car-based commutes, and your idea is certainly one of them. I wish you the best of luck — and I hope businesses see that this can work for them, too.

  15. aullman

    Thanks. Appreciate the feedback.

    There are a lot of people who want to bike to work, but are unable to because they work too far away or they do not have a safe route. If you are in this situation, you should see if you can work remotely. There are companies that lease offices, internet and phone systems to workers from different companies in shared centers located around the suburbs. These centers are called either telework centers or remote office centers, and they allow people to choose where they work.

    The best way to keep safe when you are commuting is to pick a safe route. If you can’t find a safe route to where you work, your best option is to work remotely.

  16. Henry

    Hey Moe, thanks for the posting! It was great to have Russ there with us.

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