Summer nights with the Xtracycle

The City of La Mirada hosts open air concerts at nearby parks. The family decided to head to our local park to check out the bands. My wife rode her Electra Beach cruiser and I put my two girls on the back of the DB Transporter Xtracycle.

It was already packed when we got there, but what was surprising to me is the amount of cars circling the park looking for a parking spot.

Not us, we simply picked our spot, parked the bikes, laid the Sarape down and enjoyed the tunes. If you ever decide to get an Xtracycle, be prepared for people to oooh and ahhh over the bike, it will sorta make you feel like a Rock Star.


  1. metaljaybird

    When towing the kids, do you normally ride on the sidewalk? Just curious because I may get a trailer for my two younguns, and don’t how confident I am that they are safe on the road.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Metaljaybird, check out this article for some tips on that:

  3. Chad

    Something I have been wanting to ask…have you hooked a trailer to the back of your Xtracycle? If so how did it go?

    I have two munchkins (4 and 1). Right now I haul them around in a Chariot Corisaire XL and all is well; however, my oldest will soon be too big for it. I am considering a Surly Big Dummy that he can ride on, but I will still need the trailer for the little one — at least for a little while. Thoughts?

  4. Clancy

    Chad- I have hooked my old Burly to mine. The hitch is the one that wedges it self in the rear triangle. The only thing you have to do is unlace the FreeLoader Strap and then re-do.

  5. Moe

    I’ve hooked up my trailer to the Xtracycle, it makes for a super long bike and much heavier. Luckily, my two girls are able to ride in the back without being uncomfortable.

    As far as riding on the sidewalks, I usually don’t, but on this shot, I was entering the park through a driveway. My wife usually follows me when I ride with both girls, she is sort of my ‘bodyguard’.

  6. meli

    that is pretty sweet! to see kids on bikes is the best thing ever (i dont have any but near my work, there is a dad that hauls his kids everywhere) so cool.

  7. gwadzilla

    very cool!

    the Xtracycle is doing good business these day!

    I have been meaning to try and get my friend’s broken Xtracycle frame and have it welded
    then build up beater

    the kids love that thing!

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