How to mount a tube and tire…Rivendell style!

Rivendell is now making videos on YouTube! (surely this is one of the signs of the apocalypse). It’s a simple and funny video and in true Riv fashion they manage to somehow make an online video tutorial on Youtube seem low-tech and personal. Gotta love it!

The talc step is actually really nice. I do this with all new tires as well. It makes mounting them a bit easier (talc on a teeny weeny level looks like flat plates, making them smooth and slippery). Check out their channel for other fun vids!


  1. Palm Beach Bike Tours

    I don’t care what anyone says, tire irons are a sign of failure.

    Then again, so are flats.


  2. Stuart M.

    I remember the first time someone explained to me how to pinch the tire walls together so they would sink into the “valley” between the rims where the spoke heads are, making the tire very easy to pop on at the other end of the wheel.

    When I tried it myself and it worked like a charm, I just about freaked out, I was so happy!

    I have had less success patching punctures in my tubes. The patch never seems to stick, even though I follow the instructions.

  3. Quinn

    how else do you mount a tube/tire? ive done it that way ever since i can remember.

  4. Russ Roca (Post author)

    well….i don’t think everybody uses talcum powder…i discovered that about a year ago…

    usually, i don’t stick the tube in the the tire first when i mount it….i would half mount the tire, then slip the semi-inflated tube inside, then push in the other bead…

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  6. fuz

    Never mounted (or even seen for that matter) a tire before. Found it was going to be more difficult than I thought. Watched this video, tire mounted and inflated 10 minutes later. Thanks!!

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