Ostrich Panniers Review

Another video review from Epicurean Cyclist that I thought might fit here too:

-Looks darn classy
-Nice heavy material
-Good closures
-Some “overstuffability”

-A little too small for longer tours
-Not as quick to remove from the rack, like say with an Ortlieb pannier..but with practice you get pretty fast
-Wish that the lacing was more functional…unlacing would actually expand the bag


  1. Lance

    Russ, is there a reason you particularly choose all these leather products for your bikes?

    Seems contradictory to your “Eco-friendly Photographer” label? Just a poser, not trying to be a dickhead.

  2. Russ Roca

    Fair enough…

    Well, I choose leather because I have found it to last longer than plastics. One could argue that leather isn’t eco-friendly because I’m using the hide of a cow, etc. One could also argue I’m eco-friendly because I’m not using something made from petrol.

    What’s the lesser evil? I’ve got to use something made from something, which will no doubt have an impact somewhere.

    For me, leather seems like a better choice. I’ve found that leather straps and cotton duck last longer than plastic clips and nylon. So is it more eco-friendly to buy something made of leather that will last longer or buy something made of plastic which I will have to replace sooner?

    For me, I will opt for the leather. I’m not a vegan. I know all the things we use come from somewhere and I’ve made that decision to go with leather.

    It’s similar to why I choose wool over polyester jerseys. Wool lasts longer and isn’t made from petrol. Granted, it inconveniences the sheep from which it came but does that make it more evil or less eco-friendly than buying a shirt that was processed from oil a non renewable resource?

    So, I don’t think it’s necessarily contradictory with my “eco-friendlieness.”

    I would venture to argue the 8,000 carfree miles I ride a year, my use of public transit, the recycling I do, the bike advocacy that I participate in will balance my choice of leather.

    I’m not perfect. I don’t live by categorical imperatives. I believe all decisions have some costs involved and I do my best to mitigate those costs.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Well said, Russ. It’s a tough choice sometimes to “do the right thing” from an ecological perspective, but you’ve obviously put a lot of thought into your choices. Besides, your catch phrase isn’t “eco-totalitarian photographer”, is it?

    Now, let’s see you justify that big honkin’ Pelican case — that must have taken a few dinosaurs to produce πŸ˜‰

    Lance, if the dang “guv’ment” would let us grow some recreational hemp, we could all pass the time weaving our own strapping from the leftover fibers. πŸ™‚

  4. Mike Myers

    Bicycle manufacturing isn’t exactly green, Lance. I mean, unless you’re riding a hemp-bound bamboo Calfee. But what about the nasty processes involved in making rubber tires……?

  5. bikingviking

    whatever works

  6. let the man live

    Haha. like the computer you used to leave this post isn’t manufactured with petrol. sounds like a bunch of hypocrites and trendy environmentalists to me. If you had spent more time enjoying this review and less criticizing, you might not have pissed yourself off for nothing.

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