KHS Flite 250 Update

Today was actually my first day to ride the KHS Flite 250 to work and I have to say…ready for this…”This has to be one of THE SMOOTHEST bikes I have ever ridden!”

Yeah, out of all the bikes I’ve commuted with, this one takes the cake. My main commuter bike is a Redline 925, steel. That thing is nice, but for some odd reason the KHS Flite 250 is just a smidge smoother. Perhaps it’s the combination of the steel frame and carbon fork that does the trick, or maybe the tires that are mounted on it. But whatever it is, this bike is something to write home about.

My route starts and ends me with a large hill. So that means I was able to see how well this baby climbs. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact I’m a big fan of flat bar road bikes and because of the bars, I felt like I had more leverage to pump and pull in order to help me get up the hill.

I better stop now before I get carried away! But I’ll leave you with this bit of info, I like this bike. It’s smooth, shifts well, it’s fast and it’s strong. More to come about this bike in the next few weeks.

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