DIY Quick Release for your classic saddle bags…

Another little video tutorial from Epicurean Cyclist. If you have a classic saddlebag that uses a dowel and leather straps, here’s a neat way to make a quick release for it. Since the manufactured QRs are usually sold out or really expensive, this is a neat viable option.


  1. Tony Bullard


  2. Billy

    Good idea.

    Why don’t more tourists use sprung saddles?

  3. Russ Roca

    I don’t because of the following reasons….springs make it a little awkward to use my carradice through the seat loops….i’ve recently discovered that tires provide a more effective and efficient suspension… running a bigger tire (32-35mm) tire and NOT running it at full PSI, the tire does more of the work of suspension..

  4. 2whls3spds

    I do use the sprung Brooks saddles. There is a world of difference between the Brooks and some of the others. I ride most of my bikes fairly upright, the only time the springs come into play is on very sharp bumps, it reduces the jarring that I would get otherwise. Many sprung saddles you see on the market are oversprung and feel nice and cushy when you poke on them but become painful after a longer ride.

    Saddles are a personal choice and the Brooks falls into three camps, those that love them, those that hate them, and those that have never tried them. I still have a couple of unsprung leather saddles but they are on bikes I don’t ride very much.


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