Drive your Bike!

Here’s a great series of videos that show how to drive your bike. Particularly helpful are the parts of the video that show you how to negotiate freeway on-ramps and left-turn only lanes! Great stuff. It also stars my friend and neighbor here in the LBC.


  1. tadster

    Very nicely produced series, immediately accessible and full of real-world information. Remember to wear bright colors and/or use a reflective vest/triangle!

  2. Iron Man

    I’ve found showing these types of videos to my automobile only coworkers to be a huge help to them. Many of them had no idea that the type of riding shown is legal.

  3. Lil

    These videos are a great resource for me! I’m a mom of young kids, who ride behind me in a Burley. Not only do these films help me understand how to ride in traffic, they help me teach my kids the rules of safety right from the start. Fantastic post, thanks for sharing!

  4. Donald

    Awesome. I always like to use the terminology “drive” refering to bike and “ride” refering to car. It’s a little more accurate… After all, on a bike I am literally driving (propelling) my bicycle with my own power, while in a car, I would only be “riding” in it, with gasoline doing the “driving.”

    The only exception I can think of would be the Flintstones…

    By the way, awesome videos. Insightful, and the only thing I noticed was that in the box turn part (3rd video), his road position was inside of the crosswalk. I sometimes have to do this, but when I can, I position myself on the intersection-side of the crosswalk so that pedestrians don’t have to walk around me into the intersection which is dangerous. However, I’m nit-picking and at that intersection it didn’t look like he had room on the other side of the crosswalk anyway.

  5. Quinn

    I think they could be very helpfulto people, however i am glad that they mentioned Local Laws, The Box Turn not only almost got ME a ticket, but i had my trailer run over and couldnt get a replacement.

  6. meli

    this is great, Im passing along other pals that are always concern about maneuvering their bikes with the crazy traffic!

    btw here’s some info on actually ‘driving your bike to work day’ something that went on here in San Francisco
    … funny.

  7. Jen

    I’m with Iron Man. Not only are these videos enormously helpful for bikers, but the world would be a safer place if car drivers viewed them as well. It’s not just that they would know what is legal, but they would be better able to anticipate what a biker might do in a given situation. I wish videos such as these were required viewing for driver’s ed in schools as well.

  8. Kris Thompson

    This is GREAT! Bike stores should be showing these on their TV’s. Also this would be great for freshmen and almost any college campus.

  9. Mark Stosberg

    Great videos!

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