We demand….

Got an email from regarding this video:

Although the video is not bike related, the ‘We demand’ concept is a little intriguing… Anyone up for a ‘We demand a better road infrastructure for bike commuters” campaign ?


  1. Tony Bullard

    I personally don’t like this campaign. For anyone not too educated on clean energy, it makes it sound like there is nothing we can do about it. It makes it look like all we can do is beg “our leaders” to change things for us.

    It’s certainly well done, and I agree that the US needs to get painfully serious about energy, but I don’t know how much this campaign will actually help. Politicians don’t react to ads, they react to votes.

  2. 2whls3spds

    We demand better infrastructure…while we are at it why don’t we “demand” better driver training as well as better cyclist training. Big problem is do you go with the VC crowd or the separate facilities crowd.

    I would like to DEMAND that they fix the freakin’ potholes in the roads I ride on. But I have been told by the county office that they maintain roads for motor vehicles not bicycles. And just for the record the person that told me that refused to give me their name and which office they specifically work for.


  3. Iron Man

    I “demand” to know where that stupid clicking sound is coming from on my bike.

  4. Moe

    Your bottom bracket…

  5. Ghost Rider

    I think the campaign is a start — while it is true that politicians react to votes, this kind of campaign can empower voters to formally request changes via ballot initiatives and such…

    Iron Man, the clicking sound is all in your head. 😉

    Seriously, check your BB cups, your pedal threads and your chainring bolts for tightness/lube.

  6. cafn8

    @ Iron Man, maybe your chain is about to go kablooey. Might just take your derailleur when it goes if you use one. To really get to the bottom of the issue and get results you should demand more forcefully. Maybe with the caps lock on.

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