Donuts, Baseball and a Long Bike Ride

What do donuts:

mmm, donuts

and baseball:

Tampa Bay Rays

have to do with bicycling? Good question…but our friend Alan Snel has figured out a way to blend them into one happy (and stomach-filling) event.

A little background: Tampa Bay area Dunkin’ Donuts stores have a promotion going that every time the Tampa Bay Rays win a game, anyone can walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts and receive a free donut of their choice the next day. Yummy! Well, the Rays have been winning so much this year that Alan even came up with his “batting order” for donuts:

Leadoff—Blueberry cake
Batting Second — Bavarian Creme
In The Third “Hole? — Double Chocolate
Cleanup—Chocolate Glazed
Batting Fifth—Peanut
Sixth Hole—Chocolate coconut
Seventh—Jelly filled
Eighth—black raspberry
And batting ninth — old fashion plain cake

Dunkin’ Donuts marketing and PR folks caught wind of this “batting order”, and they were very intrigued, indeed. So, Alan’s next pledge is that if the Rays clinch a playoff spot in September, he will personally lead a 100-mile “Tour de Dunkin'”, hitting 13 donut shops along the way to collect his free donuts. Read all about it at Alan’s new writing gig for the Miami Examiner.

My question to him was, “do you think you can eat 13 donuts in one bike ride?” Time will tell…in the meantime, we wish luck to the Tampa Bay Rays (and to Alan’s poor stomach!).


  1. Rapps

    It’s 9:47 on Sunday morning, it’s just mean to show a picture of donuts this time of day. Who wants food for breakfast when you can eat dessert instead?!

  2. Iron_Man

    Can you in a century? Heck yeah you can. I was a swimmer in High School. On days of meets we had morning practices where we swam something like 3,500 yards before school. Some of us would run to DD and each get a dozen donuts to down before classes started. Of course eating like that also caused me to pack on 20 lbs my first year of college as I no longer swam. Good luck Michael Phelps.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Can you? Sure. Should you? I don’t think so!

    It’s possible to eat an amazing amount of food after an athletic achievement — I once downed an entire half-gallon of ice cream after a 5 day stretch on the Appalachian Trail — but that doesn’t make it a good idea.

    Besides, eating donuts and riding a bike between them sounds like a pukefest to me!!

  4. Moe

    13 donuts in a century? Heck ya!!! Just make sure he plans for plenty of restrooms along his route!

  5. Raiyn

    You guys didn’t know about the “Rays win = Free Dunkin Donut” thing? Really?

  6. Ghost Rider

    Raiyn, remember that only one staff member of lives in Florida…so I knew about this promotion, but I doubt the rest of my boys knew (or cared)>

  7. Rapps

    If I had to wait for the Tigers to win I’d starve. I say this with some certainty but I don’t follow sports.

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