NYC Bike Commuters Survey Published

Back in March, we were contacted by Matthew Ides, a graduate researcher from Hunter College in New York City. He was looking for NYC-area bike commuters for a project he was working on. Matthew wrote, “The sole purpose is to record the subjective perspective (mental image/imageability) New York City bicycle commuters have of the build environment, good or bad, through a survey.”

He sent me a note today — the completed survey results are now available for viewing. Check it out by visiting his Scribd site.

Good work, Matthew…and thanks to the readers who responded to the initial call.


  1. tom

    Thanks for the link. I started reading it- still have a way to go. It is well written and engaging. I’ll have to take some time to read it all.

  2. Ghost Rider

    Yes, it’s good stuff — and could be a great jumping-off point for any number of more in-depth research projects!

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